Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Switch Releases New EP, Plans To Drop More In 2020

Switch Releases New EP, Plans To Drop More In 2020

By Shakes The Gardener

Vancouver Island emcee, Switch, released his new EP, Run With Scissors on Saturday, January 25.

The six-track EP is packed with memorable lines and has some solid features from Smoke DZA, Slaine and 730 Edot.

Slaine met up with Switch while he was on tour in BC and shot a music video for their track, Hold Of My Soul.

"I think we have different styles that worked well together," Slaine said. "I was going through something at the time and told him, 'Look I don't know if I'm capable of writing about anything else but this at this moment'. He was with it."

Switch got high praise from the La Coka Nostra vet for his commitment to the craft.

"He is driven and has a vision for his music. Being an indie artist you need both of those qualities. I think he will do well."

The idea of creating songs that are distinctly different is something Switch kept through the whole EP. Much like his track with Slaine, the differences between the tracks are complementary.

"I wanted everything to sound much different than the song before it," Switch said. "With the title, it got me thinking about determinism and whether or not we have free will."

Switch came up with the cover art of a marionette puppet running with scissors before he even recorded the project.

Like with all of his projects since 2017, Switch recorded Run With Scissors at Indepenent Generation Studios in Nanaimo with Producer, Teus.

"It's great. It's where I record my music for a while bunch of reasons. Teus is a really talented engineer, but it's more than that. We get along, we're homies, we kick it. It's a comfortable environment but we get shit done," Switch said. "My sound isn't my sound without Teus."

They work collaboratively on projects. Switch said that he fells free to explore his sound to the fullest with Teus behind the boards - and the feeling is mutual.

"This guy's a beast. He keeps me busy, he keeps me fresh," Teus said. "When I'm working on his music, there's a lot of creative freedom between both of us. Not just in what he can ask me to do. A lot of times he's like 'yo man, just run with it, do your thing.' We're always coming up with new ways to help create his sound," Teus said.

As of January 23, Switch and Teus have recorded 107 songs together with many more on the way.

Switch and Teus always stay a few projects ahead and have at least two EPs ready to drop at any time. Switch has an album release party at Lucky Bar in Victoria on March 19 and it's not even for Run With Scissors - it's for an upcoming project.

Run With Scissors is available on all streaming platforms. Give it a listen, then give it another listen, and another one after that - it's a project that'll keep you on your toes and have you eager for the next one.

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