Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Junk Says 2019 Has Been His Busiest So Far...

Junk Says 2019 Has Been His Busiest So Far And Plans Big Things For 2020

- By Shakes The Gardener

2019 has been a great year for BC hip hop - perhaps the best year for BC hip hop ever. It's definitely been the best year ever for one of Vancouver's finest emcees: Junk.

"I think 2019's literally been the busiest year I've ever had in my career so far." says Junk.

Junk kicked off 2019 with his EP, Together In Pieces, which features five tracks from Junk produced by Im'peretiv. Junk ended the year with a followup EP, Together In Pieces 2.  The second EP has six tracks produced by Starkore. Both projects were recorded at Nova Studios by Jamie Kuse.

"In 2019 I wanted to give each of the producers a chance to shine on their own individual project production wise." Junk said.

Vancouver is bursting with hip hop talent. Junk has cemented himself as a leader in the scene. He said the Vancouver hip hop scene is a the highest it's ever been and is still not even at its full potential.

"I think there's some kind of shift in not wanting to emulate what Toronto does and we have our own now. We're a very versatile scene here. It's going to just grow." Junk said.

Junk credits the growth of the scene to the growth of the city itself. He said more people are connecting with one another and strengthening the community.

In a province of hard working rappers, Junk's been among the hardest working. In total, he's done two EPs, 101 shows, 15 music videos, 30 features and 9 singles in 2019. He also travelled to the United States for a conference in Atlanta and filmed music videos in L.A.

Junk's done shows with Mayday!, LA the Darkman, Dax, Maestro Fresh Wes, Freddie Gibbs, Slum Village, Chris Webby and Jack Harlow. He's also been doing his own headlining tours.

With all that on his plate, he's had no time for anything outside of hip hop. This year, he left his day job in construction to pursue rap full time. Some might call it Junk's lucky break but he calls it hard work.

"Everything I got I worked for it. What I don't have I got to work for that." Junk said. "I don't believe in luck. Luck, to me, is truly preparing yourself for all situations and when the opportunity knocks, you're ambitious and ready to go get it. I don't believe in luck. Luck is for lazy people."

Junk is finishing 2019 on a high note. On December 19 he's performing at Boots for Beers with Brevner and a host of local talent. The event will help equip Vancouver's most vulnerable people with gear for the rainy season. After that, Junk is doing a show on December 26 at Venue Night Club. Then he heads to Kelowna for a show at Fernando's Pub. He'll end the year with a show at The Central in Fernie on New Year's Eve.

For fans looking to see Junk live, tickets are available on his site mynameisjunk.com/shows. But Junk's got a better deal. If you buy a limited edition physical copy of Together In Pieces 2, you get a golden ticket that gets you a two-person admission to any of his headlining shows. The ticket is valid for any Junk headlining show, anywhere in the world, and it never expires.

"The first hundred got sold out in two days on my website so I had to re-up and make another hundred. I got about 30 left. They've been going pretty quick. I might even have to do another hundred. We'll see." Junk said.

Although 2019 has been the best year so far for Junk, he's not putting his feet up. Junk has big plans for 2020. He'll have a single dropping pretty much every Friday in January and February. He also has an EP and a solo project done and ready to go. Show bookings are coming in already and he's got some very big plans that he can't announce quite yet.

Above all else, Junk has one message for the world in 2020.

"Remember the name Household. That's my collective. It's a collective of ambitious, like-minded individuals all working together with one another to create the best possible art with a certain high quality level of sound and presentation. Household. that's my clique, that's my crew, that's all I got to say."

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