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Introducing: Starkore

Introducing: Starkore, one of western Canada's fastest growing producers.

With the British Columbia hip hop scene being small, relatively speaking, you tend to pick up on names quickly when you see them mentioned. One of those names that kept coming up in conversations was Starkore. Alongside nearly every rapper that has caught a buzz in BC over the past few years, you'll see Starkore's name somewhere in the production credits.What has stood out to me most is the mans work ethic. He is always on his grind, always pushing and always looking to improve.

We had a chance to catch up with Starkore and get to know a little more about him.

BCUG:  Lets start with the basics. Where did you grow up? How long have you been in the city? Tell us a bit about your background.

Starkore: I grew up in Newton in surrey so that's pretty self explanatory. Seen alot of crazy wild stuff growing up there also learned alot of streetwise stuff and was a skater kid so was always getting chased etc ...was there for 23 yrs before I moved out to Abbotsford. But on the music side of things I was obsessed with music and everyone knew it from selling mixtapes of unknown artists cause I was always studying the next wave coming up so I was that guy. Started writing poems and bars at probably 11-12 yrs old recorded probably 50-60 songs. Put out one album in 2009 that really wasnt promoted or anything I just wanted to get it out there to be heard but I knew I wasnt that rapper guy that could do stages etc and now im here the producer.

BCUG: What inspired you to first start producing/how did you get into it? 

Starkore: I actually messed around with ejay hiphop in like 2006 and it was just predone loops and youd just drag and drop and make beats but then grabbed a demo of FL studio in 2010 and was instantly hooked. I then watched tutorial after tutorial of the things u could do I literally studied this shit for a year before dropping anything and even then my beats were trash and my sound was not refined as it is today.
As far as inspiration goes like I said in the beginning being obsessed with music the way I was I knew there was a spot for me in this music shit if I worked hard to get there and the inspiration stemmed from everything from my favourite artists albums to watching producers make nothing into something.

BCUG: Who are your favourite producers? 

Starkore: I have to say dr dre for his drumgame Timbaland for his percussion and creative elements he adds to his beats and Illmind for his insane melodies.

BCUG: What DAW do you prefer to use and why?  

Starkore: FL studio is my life I literally should tattoo it on my body. It's drastically changed my life and has become an industry standard as far as all these hot new producers go.  

BCUG: How do you feel about the current state of the BC hip hop scene? 

Starkore:10 years ago there was a 1/4 of the amount of artists we have today it's blossoming with talent and alot of amazing people. I'm gonna say I've probably worked with about 25-30 artists just in BC which is dope. I look forward to watching everyone elevate and achieve the end goal.

BCUG: You and Junk seemed to have built a solid relationship. How did the two of you link up?  

Skarkore: Man me and JUNK linked around the time he was touring europe with SNAK. I ended up sending him a pack and he started writing My Table. We just have really similiar visions soundwise from his style of rapping to my style of beats, the shit just is harmony for real! and as soon as he sent me the rough for My Table I knew it was a wrap. I mean I've worked with hundreds of different artists but I knew this sound we had was something different and crazy and now I get artists grabbing beats off me and then scoop a feature from JUNK to create that same energy, it's wild. So ya we are probably 15 or so songs deep But we are definently not done yet... 

BCUG: We recently saw you mention on social media that you’ve landed a feature with a major label artist. Able to give us any details?

Starkore: One of my artists from Seattle hit me with the news a few weeks ago kept hush about it until it was confirmed I have a couple people tell me im faking and that im clout chasing 😂😂 it is real and it is happening and if u know me i work extremely hard on a daily basis to make oppourtunity happen I will be dropping as soon as its complete.

BCUG: Any word on when we might be hearing the track? 

Starkore: Havent been givin a timeline but T.I portion is complete just waiting on a release date. 

BCUG: What is next for Starkore? 

Starkore: The grind doesnt stop Im gonna work as hard as i can to be noticed by more of these major a&r’s. I've definently been on some of these major''s radar the past year. I just need to supply what they need and make it happen. Only way to go for me is up.

BCUG: If you could pass on one piece of wisdom to someone just getting into audio production, what would it be?

Starkore: This is not a race its a marathon study and work on your craft study new music and what the current wave is and what the next wave is.
You can only determine how far u go in this and dont base your self on other producers opinions and what there sound is i really dont give a fuck what the next producer is doing
Im out here doing me so go and be YOU.

Some notable BC artists that Starkore has worked with include:

Snak The Ripper Merkules JUNK Evil Ebenezer Prada West Hungry Eazy Mac Teo Laza Phillip Solo Monsta Mack Crystal TA Caspian Lil Windex Andre Anthem & many more

Find beats by Starkore below.


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