Friday, 1 February 2019

Who Is Don Castro?

By Joel Carriere

 Joel Carriere's weekly interviews with BCUG's finest. Week one features Vancouver rapper Castro

Joel: 1. Who is Don Castro?

Born in Vancouver General Hospital, grew up in Surrey BC, I got the name Castro from my Street OG's I looked up too. Kastro was a artist that came from Tupacs rap group "Outlaws". Tupac described his Artist Kastro as being the "First to blast....last to dash". Since a youngin growing up in BC i was constantly in the center of trouble, and that trouble increased when I branched out from
under my ogs wings and started My own street squad "Teflongang". Money was always the mission, but building the name was just as important so a lot of negative attention came with everything else.
One day as a juvenile I was being detained by the Burnaby RCMP at Metrotown Mall, and when my
Mom aunt and Older brother came to pick me up, the Cops brought them into a security room and showed them a Hr long video of various crimes they felt I committed but had not enough proof to charge me. One of the officers described me as being somewhat of a "Teflon Don" because till that point, i would always escape situations without consequences. After a few yesrs of running my squad, I attatched the Name "Don" to my name and became Don Castro

Joel: 2. Your earliest memories of hip hop?

My earliest Memories of hip hop was.....Oh yea. I got a Walkman for Xmas...and my very first Rap artist Tape i had and bumped (at the time...the only) was Skee Lo. I used to bump that tape everywhere, and when I got sick of it....I tried Rapping over each song. The first Rap I ever wrote was over a Skee Lo song.

Joel: 3.What is your favourite song of your own?

It is impossible for me to pick one of my favourite songs to this day because I never cheat the viewers. I put my life and stories out in everything i release So I love them all equally, however i will say, any song I rap about that I talk about my mom or my son makes me sensitive as f*ck because I truthfully dont love anything or anybody on this earth mote than those 2.

Joel: 4. Top 5 favourite rappers?

Don: In no particular order
Big L
NBA Youngboy

Joel: 5. What are you bringing to the game?

I feel like for Canada rap/ hip hop, Especially in BC....I bring credibility. A Ton of credibility. I cant tell a situation I havent been in, and my job as a story telling artist is to translate my knowledge into a way people can love, relate, and learn from. I dont carry myself in a way where I brag about who I am and what I have been through, however I am proud that I was able to overcome a Lot of situations and am now able to share and prevent those willing to listen from worser fates.

Joel: 6. Something we don't know about you?

Something that you wouldnt know unless your familiar with who I am and how I think, I am A Team Player all the way. Growing up in terrible conditions, It was just me and my people fending for ourselves. White folks used to let their dogs chase us, older white kids used to shoot fireworks at us (editors note: LOL!!!) , and each time, it was my older homies that would come down and......fix things 🤗. When I got older, that was My mentality. Be there for my people no matter what, and that Team mentality extended to those not only blood related, but those I was cool with. Everybody that supports or rooting for me is my Team.

Joel: 7. Tell us what/who Stendo Gang is:

Stendo Gang is a platform that links Artists/Buisnesses/or "others" Locally, Across the Country, and nationwide. Its an Extention of links. Its a way to get yourself or your company into places you never had it before. Stendo Gang initially started as Myself Young Kazh and Splittah Jonez. 3 Artists from different parts that faced the same daunting task....Build our name in a Game that doesnt care much for our story or what we bring to the table. That connection was huge because each one of us brought different valuable assets to the Game. That eventually made us branch out and link all of our connects/people canada wide and some parts of America.

8. What is Don Castro watching at the moment?

Don: My 3 favourite shows
Family Guy (for jokes)
The Blacklist (For Drama)
Dynasty (Rich People shiit)

Joel: 9.
How much weed do you smoke a day?

I easily smoke a quarter a Day, and when Splittah is in town or im in Vic with him....that goes up to a Half ounce or more 😩 

10. Any final words?

Its okay to be competitive at any and everything you do especially when it comes to this music. Always try and stand out. This is a cuthroat industry where those that you support and support you would easily choose themselves when Big money is at stake, so keep that mentality where you always want to shine. If everybody comes with that mindset, you will see the game grow. I want the game to grow so badly that I chose to be the villain that pushes others. Its not personal, but the more attention brought to the province , the more oppurtunities artists get. Support one another but more importantly....Push one another. Respect Yall 🤘

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