Thursday, 15 March 2018

What Is Next For So Loki?

Last May of 2017 I released the article on The Rise Of So Loki. Back then they were busy making moves and solidifying their foothold in the Canadian market while starting to garner attention from the international community. They have not slowed down since.

 While Sway Calloway visited Vancouver back in January, he found time to link up with So Loki to chop it up about upcoming music as they tried on new shoes at Athletes World. Although it seemed like an odd meeting place, everything that these two Vancouver artist are doing has been planned out beforehand, staying ahead of the curve as the rest of the city is busy playing checkers.

The reason, of course, was their upcoming single Athletes World. Serving as the first single for their upcoming ep Planet Bando, the video is another stunning piece of conceptual art that encompasses the left-field antics that we have come to expect from the duo. Directed by Lucas Hrubizna, Athletes world is a video that will make you chuckle, leave you puzzled, and make you think "WTF did I just watch?" in the best way possible (I'm going to be seeing those creeping bald heads in my nightmares for weeks). The most engaging videos are the ones that tell a story while leaving much of the imagery up to interpretation, each viewer ending up with their own take on the overlaying message. This is one of those videos.

 Even as their wins keep piling up, The two have been able to remain humble and not let ego get the best of them. In a recent interview with SKIO Music, they relay the importance knowing your weaknesses and relying on a strong team to fill in those gaps to bring forth a well rounded, quality product.

Catch So Loki live in a town near you as they plan their Athletes World Tour which is set to include multiple festivals with part of the tour alongside Australian rapper Manu Crook$
You could get lucky with So Loki...

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Written By Rob Haze
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