Sunday, 25 February 2018

New Video From Junk: My Table

by Matt Dame

Others got no business at my table...

 A celebration for the people riding with him, Vancouver's own lyrical mastermind Junk just dropped a new banger as he welcomes you to "My Table" where he serves up bars that will make you "choke on your pasta or even spit out your wine" Either way, Junk's latest releases have been blowing up with every new single he drops. If you ride with him, you're invited to the table and he will "feed you more than a Saudi in Arabia"
 The video, directed by Kevin Wong, depicts junk at the head of his table with his closest friends gorging on an Italian feast as Snak The Ripper calmly smokes weed from a bread bowl. Starkore lays the foundation with another classic beat.
 The local hip hop scene is growing hungry for the release of Junk's upcoming album Audio Heroin expected summer of 2018. For once, it would be a wise decision to drop the needle and get hooked on some Junk.

 Recorded: Creativ Studios
Mixed/Mastered: Jamie Kuse

Article written by Matt Dame
Edited by Rob Haze
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