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Snak The Ripper Discusses Recent Changes To Stealth Bomb Records

We recently spoke with Snak The Ripper about the recent changes to his label Stealth Bomb Records, his relationship with Merkules and two new albums planned for 2018.

BCUG: To anyone that has been paying close attention to Stealth Bomb Records, it has been no secret that there have been changes going on within the label. We have been told from various sources that it is common knowledge that Merkules is no longer with Stealth Bomb but we have not seen any official statement from the Label. Are you able to confirm that Merkules is no longer on the roster?

Snak: Yes I can. But before I get into that, let me first clarify what Stealth Bomb Records does. We are a indie record label yes, but our main focus is ‘’artist development and career guidance’’. In basic terms, we are a management team. We find up and coming artists who have recognizable talent and put them on tour all over the world. In addition, we teach them how to turn their passion for music into a real career, with the expectation that one day they can run things themselves. We’re like business school for musicians. I have over 10 years experience in the Canadian Music Industry, and I wanted to share the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years with other artists that I believe in. When I first started Stealth Bomb in 2013, I was managing Merkules and handling most of his business affairs myself. I might actually be one of the first people on this entire planet to recognize his talent for music. As the years went on, we took on more artists, and our label got bigger. Merkules learned a lot about the business being on Stealth Bomb Records over the years, and he currently has his own business operation with a great team of hard working individuals behind him. I feel honoured to have been apart of Merk’s career development, and I am extremely proud to see how well he is doing on his own. After all, we specialize in career guidance, so having Merk spread his wings and take on the business himself was our goal all along.

BCUG: There have been some obvious tensions between Merkules and your booking agent at Good Friday Entertainment after some name-calling spilled out over the internet. Do you wish to comment on what happened between them and was their souring relationship ever a contributing factor to Merkules leaving the label? 

Snak: Its unfortunate. I connected Merk with Perry years ago. They did some work together and had a falling out over some kind of disagreement, I’m not exactly sure of the details. They stopped working together long before Merk started doing his own thing away from SBR. It was difficult for me to be in the middle of two people fighting, especially when they are both my good friends who I work with on a daily basis. But business is business and sometimes friendships don’t work out when you mix the two. I don’t take sides, I’m cool with almost everybody. Grudges are unhealthy.

BCUG: Are there still good relations between you and Good Friday Entertainment?

Snak: Yes. Perry is my boy. But let me clarify something else - Perry is my booking agent, he is not my manager. He does not work for Stealth Bomb Records, he works for Snak The Ripper. I get that theres some people out there (mostly struggling artists and cheap promoters) that don’t like the way he handles his affairs. He’s a shrewd negotiator, but I have no problems with that. He might be an asshole, but I like that about him. It’s refreshing in an industry full of fake smiles and horse shit. He books my shows and puts money in my pocket, so I have nothing but love for Perry.

BCUG: Are there any ill feelings between you and Merkules?

Snak: Hell no. Merkules and I have been through way too much together. Thats my brother for life.

BCUG: Many people are excited at the notion of new music coming from the both of you and everyone is dying to know, are the two of you planning on making any more music together?

Snak: I really hope so. I hit him up a couple times recently to work on some stuff with me but we’ve both been on tour for most of the year and its been difficult to connect. Im sure it’ll happen when the time is right.

BCUG: Speaking about new music, you recently released what looks to be artwork for a new album. Any news you can give us on this? Album name, Release dates, features, tours etc.

Snak: Yeah I have 2 new albums dropping before May. I don’t want to say too much about it, but the music I’m working on right now is my best work yet. I’m putting a lot more time and effort into my song writing and video concepts. I quit smoking cigarettes two years ago, so my voice has changed a bit.. it’s still grimy but I’m able to control it now. I just want to entertain people.. so thats what I’m gonna do. I was on tour most of this year, so I’m taking some time off from that. I’ll be back out on the road later this year, but not any time soon. I just want to make music and live a normal life like everyone else for a bit.

BCUG: A recent behind-the-scenes photo of your video shoot shows you standing with Young Sin. It's good to see him back in action. Another common question we keep seeing is: "What are the chances of hearing another Brass Tackz album?"

Snak: There has been talk of this. I guess we’ll see what happens!

BCUG: You and SDK have had a very close relationship over the years. We noticed that Ephin is no longer carrying your brand anymore. What was the reason behind this and does this have anything to do with the Stealth Bomb website being under construction?

Snak: The Stealth Bomb Records website is under construction because our old website sucked. We are currently working on getting the new page up and running and it’s going to look amazing. Earlier this year, I found out that I’m going to be a Dad, and I realized that there's a lot of things that I pay people to do, that I could easily do myself. Selling my own Merch is one of those things. I am now 100% independent, so if you buy something of mine, you are supporting me directly, which I know some fans prefer. I also wanted to expand my merchandise store and my website, so that my fans had more choices. It just makes the most sense to have all my music related stuff on one website. Im about to add a whole bunch of brand new designs to my website later this month, so look out for that. My relationship with Ephin is the same as it’s always been, those are my dudes and it’s all love, they just aren’t selling my merchandise anymore. I read a comment on Facebook and someone asked if I was still repping SDK cause they saw that my stuff wasn’t on the Ephin site anymore. Let me be clear about this: I WILL ALWAYS BE SDK. Shit is tattooed on me forever. It really doesn’t matter where my t-shirts are being sold.

BCUG: The growth that Stealth Bomb has accomplished in the past couple years is astonishing. With so many new additions to the label, do you plan on adding any new names within the next year?

Snak: Yes, we’re adding new talent to the roster in the coming months. I have my eye on a few local artists.. but its too early to say anything about that yet.

BCUG:  Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. 

Snak: No Problem. Cheers.

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