Sunday, 9 September 2018

Safe & Sound Music Fest 2018

   What makes a music festival unforgettable? The participating artists, location, and last but not least the recreational things one can do while music is still great, loud and always on. In their second year of operation, Safe & Sound Music Festival was very bold and settled. This year the opted genre of sound was hip hop with R&B and Soul influences. The audience recognized the impeccable job the staff undertook to have them only enjoy the festival and make it alive. Indeed in a fantastic frame beside the Fraser river in the core of New Westminster more than 1 thousand people came in during the weekend of the 24th and 25th of August with the sole purpose in mind to get laid by the music. A super thrilled and flashy audience that couldn't stop dancing, singing, jumping and yelling not only at the artists on stage, but also to the DJ selection, while waiting for the next artist. They simply ignited whichever artist was on, with them in turn reciprocating the energy of the crowd.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Canadian Underdogs Interviews - D-Rec

Canadian Underdogs Intervies: Episode 04 - D-Rec

Sam Burrows had a chance to sit down with Vancouver legend D-Rec during the beginning of another exciting run in his career. The Producer/DJ has been a staple in the Vancouver hip hop community for the past 20 years, doing countless shows and multiple tours across Canada and Europe as he travels with his good friend and business partner Snak The Ripper

 D-Rec discusses his humble beginnings DJing at house parties before linking up with Snak during

Thursday, 26 July 2018

JSTMKY Is One Of The Top Prospects In The Province And Is Back Making Music


 With Vancouver being the hub of British Columbia, especially in respects to music, other cities in the province often get left out or at the very least, take the back stage. Growing up on Vancouver Island, I was able to relate to the feeling of solitude from the rest of the music industry. It felt like you had to move to the big city to have any chance at success. Luckily, as the internet and more specifically social media developed, that rapidly started to change. The original idea behind creating a blog that covers the entire province was to give those other regions a voice. There are plenty of media outlets that cover Vancouver hip hop, but the talent from the surrounding cities tend to get overlooked.
Searching for music outside of the usual areas has given me the opportunity to connect with some amazing artists that I would have never heard about otherwise.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Canadian Underdogs Interviews - Greg Beamish

Canadian Underdogs Interviews: Episode 03 - Greg Beamish

Sam Burrows sits down with Vancouver's Greg Beamish to talk about his past endeavors, future plans, and to share some insight on his strategy to build a solid fan base.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A New Wave Has Hit Vancouver. Introducing: King Diamond Tut

A new wave has hit Vancouver and King Diamond Tut is riding it out.

King Diamond Tut, originally from Toronto, has been putting in a lot of work this year. With 7 music videos released since the beginning of 2018, a handful of podcast appearances and a bunch of shows under his belt (his most recent being July 21st's Live From The Underground), he has been at the forefront of the new wave of artists that are currently on the rise in the Greater Vancouver area.

His newest video "Da Cou" shows his determination to make a name for himself in the Vancouver circuit. Branded as a new Vancity anthem, his newest track boasts a catchy hook and booming

Live From The Underground - Day 3

We caught up with a bunch of the artists during day 3 of Live From The Underground last weekend at The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe

The 3 day event presented by LiveActs & The Live Agency showcased over 60 live performances from local Vancouver rappers & Djs.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Canadian Underdogs Interviews - Mighty Mahh

Canadian Underdogs Interviews: Episode 02 - Mighty Mahh

Sam Burrows sits down with Vancouver rapper Mighty Mahh to chop it up about Mighty's current plans as they puff on a joint of Vancouver's finest.

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Canadian Underdogs Interviews - B. Mendez

Canadian Underdogs Interviews: episode 01 - B. Mendez

 Canadian Underdogs' Sam Burrows met up with B. Mendez in North Vancouver's Clevland Dam andhad a chance to chop about his recent tracks, a few people that he has been working with and his upcoming album.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

BCUG Spotlight: Record Labels

The music industry has always been plagued with the issue of the "front man" The one that, whether intentional or not, gets the majority of the attention and fame regardless of how many extremely talented individuals put their heart and soul into the project. With our BCUG Spotlight Series, we try to take some of that limelight and shed it on the people or organizations that operate in the darker corners of the process who help curate the music we all love to enjoy.

We reached out to many of the local hip hop record labels to gain some insight on the business end of the industry and get a better understanding of the many different groups that are putting in work across British Columbia...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Sometimes It's Not So Eazy

BC Underground

 Controversy broke out this weekend in the local hip hop scene as ghostwriting allegations were brought against Calgary rapper Eazy Mac. Sketch Menace, a well known figure in the western Canadian battle rap scene, publicly called out Eazy Mac claiming unpaid writing sessions. According to Sketch, the two got together on several occasions where Eazy asked him for help with writing. After multiple instances of using his bars, Sketch claims, the two agreed to continue writing together and Sketch would receive a percentage of the Spotify streaming revenue as compensation. Things got a little shady after that when sketch never received any payment for his contribution. After the two worked out a deal for a $1000 compensation fee along with a non disclosure agreement, the final straw that ultimately culminated their fallout was disagreement between payment of taxes. In retaliation, Sketch publicly posted parts of their private conversation that showed Eazy agreeing to pay $1000 along with the non-disclosure agreement for the work that was done.

 We reached out to Eazy Mac this morning by phone to get his side of the story.
According to Eazy, the two had been friends for the better part of 7 years.
"We used to hang out occasionally and smoke weed" says Eazy. "I've always admired his multis (multiple syllable rhymes) so sometimes I would throw him something like "Louis C.K" and he would come back with "Groupies He Raped" but I was the one that put it all together"
 Eazy claims that there was no formal agreement between using the rhymes and the contribution that Sketch made was never more than the two bouncing ideas off each other.
 "He's trying to extort me. He got really weird after I started to get a buzz. I agreed to pay the $1000 just to get him to leave me alone. I was hurt that a friend would do that to me and I was just tired of him trying to bully me so I agreed"
 That $1000 turned into $1140 when Sketch asked for him to pay the BC tax rate. Although both now reside in British Columbia, Mac points out that Sketch moved to the province recently and his company would still have been registered in Alberta.
 Eazy Mac provided us with the text conversations between Sketch and himself which pointed out that Mac agreed to pay the additional $140. As the conversation between the two degraded, Sketch decided that he didn't want the payment anymore and would share his side of the story publicly.
  With Eazy Mac's new album about to drop, Sketch vows to call out each line that he claims to have written on the project as he did in the post above. It's hard to tell who is in the wrong, with both parties giving similar yet conflicting stories of what really happened, but if anything can be taken from this, it's to get everything in writing.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

What Is Next For So Loki?

Last May of 2017 I released the article on The Rise Of So Loki. Back then they were busy making moves and solidifying their foothold in the Canadian market while starting to garner attention from the international community. They have not slowed down since.

 While Sway Calloway visited Vancouver back in January, he found time to link up with So Loki to chop it up about upcoming music as they tried on new shoes at Athletes World. Although it seemed like an odd meeting place, everything that these two Vancouver artist are doing has been planned out beforehand, staying ahead of the curve as the rest of the city is busy playing checkers.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Will Ernie WoodLo Become The Next Pillar In BC Hip Hop?

   First impressions are everything especially in the entertainment industry. With a bit of a mystery surrounding the Surrey rapper and Get A Bag Entertainment owner Ernie WoodLo due to him being relatively quiet on social media, the impressions have been solely based off of his music.  Although I had seen Ernie's name floating around in recent conversations and on a couple song features, the artists body of work had eluded me until now. Admittedly, there is limited content for me to base my assertions from but the quality of the music put forth so far has been nothing short of amazing.
    January 26th of this year saw the release of his debut four track ep D.H.M.B.G. and a subsequent video single to accompany it.

Monday, 5 March 2018

It's Official: Snak Season Has Arrived

 Spring has traditionally been a busy time of year for the BC hip hop scene with this year being no exception. With Merkules' much anticipated album dropping at the end of March and two Snak projects expected before the end of May, things are about to get busy.
Snak The Ripper comes through again with another solid banger on his brand new video single Real Drugs

   With his previous single Lesson Learned touching on the more difficult aspects of Snaks life, Real Drugs takes him back to his true form, or at least the one that his fanbase has come to know and love. The song has the Stealth Bomb mogul cracking jokes with lines such as: don't compare my music to these illiterate goons// If life's a bitch, I'm licking her poon while tripping on shrooms; as Snak causes a ruckus, ripping around the backroads on a minibike wearing a bright orange cape. Stuey Kubrick reminds us why he is one of the best in the province at what he does, capturing the essence of Snak's carefree, adolescent lifestyle. Somehow seeing Snak's face superimposed onto Kim Jong Un's body didn't surprise me at all, but it's still wildly entertaining nonetheless.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

New Video From Junk: My Table

by Matt Dame

Others got no business at my table...

 A celebration for the people riding with him, Vancouver's own lyrical mastermind Junk just dropped a new banger as he welcomes you to "My Table" where he serves up bars that will make you "choke on your pasta or even spit out your wine" Either way, Junk's latest releases have been blowing up with every new single he drops. If you ride with him, you're invited to the table and he will "feed you more than a Saudi in Arabia"
 The video, directed by Kevin Wong, depicts junk at the head of his table with his closest friends gorging on an Italian feast as Snak The Ripper calmly smokes weed from a bread bowl. Starkore lays the foundation with another classic beat.
 The local hip hop scene is growing hungry for the release of Junk's upcoming album Audio Heroin expected summer of 2018. For once, it would be a wise decision to drop the needle and get hooked on some Junk.

Snak The Ripper's New Music Video: Lesson Learned

 Snak The Ripper his new music video single Lesson Learned ahead of his upcoming album release.

   Snak gets together with Stuey Kubrick once again with the new video for "Lesson Learned", building up anticipation for his new album expected early this year. In a recent facebook post he states: "Here's a new song. Share it with your people and drop a comment if yer fuckin with it. PS: This is just a warm up for what's to come. Get ready.. Gonna be an good month!!". With that being said, there should be more surprises to come in the near future.
    Lesson Learned is one of those inspirational-driven songs that Snak has become known for. Drawing from the struggles of his own life experiences, he totes focus, determination and perseverance as the qualities needed to overcome your obstacles and follow your dreams. Produced by Vokab, mixed & mastered by Jamie Kuse

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

BCUG Spotlight: Tastemakers

After a long hiatus, we are back again with the BC Underground spotlight series.

I've always felt it's important that the music community works together. It's our best hope in turning the Greater Vancouver Area into the northwestern hip hop powerhouse that we all want it to be. That we all know it CAN be. The scene as a whole has been getting better. The amount of quality music has been steadily improving and the overall support structure continues to grow with it. It's that support structure that I want to turn my attention to this time.
       Introducing 15 media platforms that are putting in work for the BC hip hop community:

Canadian Underdogs

Canadian Underdogs, headed by Vancouver rapper Sam Burrows, is a great indie blog that features live show coverage through their Youtube page, exclusive interviews, the occasional top 10 list, and local hip hop content shares across multiple platforms.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Merkules Announces New Album For 2018

In a recent social media post, Surrey rapper Merkules announces the name and release date of his new album.

Who’s ready for my new album #COLE dropping March 30th?
Posted by Merkules on Monday, January 22, 2018

The new album, Cole, is slated for an early spring release, available March 30th, 2018

Merkules is also generating some extra buzz before the drop with new remixes with the latest over a Lil Xan beat.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Snak The Ripper Discusses Recent Changes To Stealth Bomb Records

We recently spoke with Snak The Ripper about the recent changes to his label Stealth Bomb Records, his relationship with Merkules and two new albums planned for 2018.

BCUG: To anyone that has been paying close attention to Stealth Bomb Records, it has been no secret that there have been changes going on within the label. We have been told from various sources that it is common knowledge that Merkules is no longer with Stealth Bomb but we have not seen any official statement from the Label. Are you able to confirm that Merkules is no longer on the roster?

Snak: Yes I can. But before I get into that, let me first clarify what Stealth Bomb Records does. We are a indie record label yes, but our main focus is ‘’artist development and career guidance’’. In basic terms, we are a management team. We find up and coming artists who have recognizable talent and put them on tour all over the world. In addition, we teach them how to turn their passion for music into a real career, with the expectation that one day they can run things themselves. We’re like business school for musicians. I have over 10 years experience in the Canadian Music Industry, and I wanted to share the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years with other artists that I believe in. When I first started Stealth Bomb in 2013, I was managing Merkules and handling most of his business affairs myself. I might actually be one of the first people on this entire planet to recognize his talent for music. As the years went on, we took on more artists, and our label got bigger. Merkules learned a lot about the business being on Stealth Bomb Records over the years, and he currently has his own business operation with a great team of hard working individuals behind him. I feel honoured to have been apart of Merk’s career development, and I am extremely proud to see how well he is doing on his own. After all, we specialize in career guidance, so having Merk spread his wings and take on the business himself was our goal all along.

BCUG: There have been some obvious tensions between Merkules and your booking agent at Good Friday Entertainment after some name-calling spilled out over the internet. Do you wish to comment on what happened between them and was their souring relationship ever a contributing factor to Merkules leaving the label? 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Snak Shoots Two New Videos, Teases Album Cover

 After breaking the news late last year that Snak The Ripper was back to making new music and has shot 2 new videos, he drops a new years day teaser with some new art, hinting that a 2018 album is in the works.

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