Tuesday, 21 November 2017

As the Stars Drift Away into Smoke And Ashes...


Vancouver's underground rap veteran Attikus is back again with the first video single off  of his fourth full length project UPROARSandDOWNPOURS. SMOKEandASHES touches base on some of the high profile deaths that have been on the forefront of pop culture over the course of the last century. From political assassinations to self inflicted deaths of movie stars, the song covers all bases. The long, single verse sandwiched between a female supported hook lays everything out. With a lengthy buildup full of imagery coupled with a barrage of nostalgia, the song definitely brings up old memories. The Luke Archibald directed video gives us glimpses of history old and new as it highlights some of the most iconic figures of our time, all of which ended in tragedy. Just like many of the people in the song, it too feels like it falls short at the end. With all the emotional buildup, the abrupt ending gives the story an unfinished feeling without any real message other than asking "why". The track itself is solid. Attikus effortlessly slides into the pocket with a smooth beat provided by Vago and there are some solid bars to be heard throughout. Overall, a good jam to sit back and smoke to.
  With the new record label Move Right Music at his back, Attikus has tour plans in Canada, USA and Europe in 2018 as he promotes his new album with his lady DJ Synductive on the decks,Vancouver beat box legend GBOXX and guitarist Kristopher James at his side.

 Video Directed by Luke Archibald - @lucrativesight


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