Friday, 27 October 2017

Madchild Vs Pat Stay - Pat Stay Reacts to Madchild


KOTD battle rapper Pat Stay calls out Madchild for dodging his attempts at setting up a battle that Madchild has been promoting on his social media.We are not really sure if it's a love/hate relationship or not but the Instagram battles they have been having back and forth are rather entertaining.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Birdman Reveals living in Prince George, BC, Canada


Cash Money CEO and self proclaimed "Father Of Lil Wanye" Birdman discloses a little known bit of his past during an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1.
After Angie probes into Birdmans early life, he reveals for the first time that he spent several years of his childhood growing up in Prince George, a small Canadian city in the heart of British Columbia. With the passing of his mother, he moved up north along with his sister and uncle for 2-3 years during the mid 70's before returning back to New Orleans, where he would eventually form one of the most influential hip hop labels of all time: Cash Money Records.

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