Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I Feel Like I'm Conor McGregor



I feel Like I'm Conor McGregor. Woo!

With the first video already released and his album dropping tomorrow, Merkules comes out of the gate swinging with his second single Conor Mcgregor.
 Merk is looking for the anthem on this one. A catchy hook and a few well placed adlibs gives the impression that this tune will be belted out by the entire crowd during each performance. Stuey Kubrick comes through strong as well with an equally catchy and upbeat production.
   The song is pure braggadocio with Merkules asserting his lyrical dominance over the city. Portrayed as a boxer in the video, he throws down punchlines like "I'm runnin' circles 'round these rappers like I'm practicing fitness" and "This shit's a wrap like a pita/ They got the best of me before? I lay 'em flat like it's Diaz"

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Brought to you by Phant:

Directed by: Stuey Kubrick
Produced by: Stuey Kubrick
Mixed by: Nato at Up In Arms Studios
Mastered by: Terry Tran

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