Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Brevner is back with Chico

"I want what's coming to me. The World Chico, and everything in it."

The classic excerpt from Tony Montana in Scarface sets the precedent for Brevner's latest video Chico. The song originally appears on Matt's 2016 self titled album Brevner, a massively underrated EP from the Vancouver hitmaker. The track features vocals from Brev's longtime friend and collaborator Stevie Ross along with Vancouver crooner Withinroots.
    The video tells the story of an inner city hustler. Starting off with a young innocent couple in the throes of love, enjoying their time together before becoming drawn towards money and excitement that is often offered from the darker corners of society. The innocence diminishes quickly as the scene switches to the downtown east side. Nobody said growing up in east Van was easy. The young mans older brother cuts him into the drug business, creating a conflict of interest between the young hustler and his brothers drug dealer associate. The hustler and his girlfriend, a stripper, become enveloped in the cocaine lifestyle. He soon comes to realize that the fast life is not all what it stacked up to be as distrust develops. He starts to notice things between his girlfriend and his brothers associate and decides to confront her at her work. After finding them both in the back room together, a scuffle breaks out and the hustler draws his gun...The end.

...Damn. Talk about a cliffhanger. Amazing direction from Aaron Mallin and equally inspiring production from Silas 'Slice' Wong makes the entire experience a work of art. Brevner and his team put a ton of effort into their projects. The attention to detail and perfection is what sets the bsharp team apart from many other BC artists. Expect this one to be on rotation for awhile. The story was never finished though. I'm hoping to see these guys get together for part II.

Lose yourself along the way.

Grab your copy on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/brevner-ep/id1079726007

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