Friday, 31 March 2017

Evil Ebenezer - Ski Mask Way ft. Merkules

I'm about to blow the fuck up outta nowhere like a Samsung phone.

Evil Ebenezer releases Ski Mask Way featuring long time collaborator and friend Merkules. This is his second video from his new album Cultus which also dropped today. Stuey Kubrick shines again as he produced both the video and audio for the entire album. The track is a headbanger. D-Rec provides cuts and snippets from legendary rappers that carry the hook as Merk and Evil lay bars across various Vancouver ghettos. Ebenezer season is back in full swing.

Grab you copy of Cultus HERE

From Evil Ebenezer's new Album CULTUS
Directed by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
Produced by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
Mixed & Mastered by: Sapient
Cuts by: D-Rec

Album: Evil Ebenezer - CULTUS (Official Release Date: March 31st, 2017)
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

I just do it for the Couve

I just do it for the Couve.

We are happy to premier the New Video for Stamina.
  Kid Filthy is aiming to make a name for himself. His debut EP The Couve has been steadily gaining momentum since it's late December release . Stamina will be his third video from the project with his previous two Some Will Try and Net Worth already receiving much acclaim from both critics and fans alike. As with his previous videos, Limited Vision handles the direction to provide an exceptional level of quality and professionalism. While Filthy is still relatively new to the game, his stage presence and delivery mimics that of a seasoned veteran and he's got the moves to boot.
   Apparently talent runs in the family. FMN, the producer of Old Days as well as Stamina, also happens to be Kid Filthy's younger brother. If Filthy continues to surround himself with a strong team and continues to push for quality he will definitely make his mark in hip hop. The Couve is listening.

Kid Filthy


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Brevner is back with Chico

"I want what's coming to me. The World Chico, and everything in it."

The classic excerpt from Tony Montana in Scarface sets the precedent for Brevner's latest video Chico. The song originally appears on Matt's 2016 self titled album Brevner, a massively underrated EP from the Vancouver hitmaker. The track features vocals from Brev's longtime friend and collaborator Stevie Ross along with Vancouver crooner Withinroots.
    The video tells the story of an inner city hustler. Starting off with a young innocent couple in the throes of love, enjoying their time together before becoming drawn towards money and excitement that is often offered from the darker corners of society. The innocence diminishes quickly as the scene switches to the downtown east side. Nobody said growing up in east Van was easy. The young mans older brother cuts him into the drug business, creating a conflict of interest between the young hustler and his brothers drug dealer associate. The hustler and his girlfriend, a stripper, become enveloped in the cocaine lifestyle. He soon comes to realize that the fast life is not all what it stacked up to be as distrust develops. He starts to notice things between his girlfriend and his brothers associate and decides to confront her at her work. After finding them both in the back room together, a scuffle breaks out and the hustler draws his gun...The end.

...Damn. Talk about a cliffhanger. Amazing direction from Aaron Mallin and equally inspiring production from Silas 'Slice' Wong makes the entire experience a work of art. Brevner and his team put a ton of effort into their projects. The attention to detail and perfection is what sets the bsharp team apart from many other BC artists. Expect this one to be on rotation for awhile. The story was never finished though. I'm hoping to see these guys get together for part II.

Lose yourself along the way.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Merkules - Way Down

After weeks of teasers, Merkules surprises everyone with his sudden release of his new video Way Down, the first single from his upcoming album Trust Your Gut. The video is classic Stuey Kubrick direction. Showing off gorgeous Vancouver cityscapes as Merkules rolls slow-mo through town puffing on his blunt. The beat, a solid C-Lance production with additional production from Aaron Hiltz, has that classic boom-bap feel with a dirty sounding dubstep-influenced bass that is likely to get the crowd fired up. Merkules states in the song "Lately I just feel like I'm the greatest" and with good measure. His career has been skyrocketing ever since the release of Scars. Fueled by the success of his remix series and several tours, Trust Your Gut is set to become Merkules' biggest album yet. The future is bright for this young artist. We are excited to watch it unfold.

His new album will be available April 20th. Check him out at one of the cities listed below as he tours across Canada with Stevie Ross, Luca Mele and Noise.

Evil Ebenezer's new album: Cultus

 After a small hiatus following his previous body of work, 2015's All That's Left, the lord of birds is looking to burst back onto the scene with the March 31st release of his new album Cultus. The album will feature some of Vancouver's favourites alongside production from the Vancity legend Stuey Kubrick. Evil has also been spotted shooting a video with Merkules and he will be doing an Ontario tour starting April to promote the new album. With this being his 11th project in a span of over a decade, he has truly become one of the legends of British Columbia hip hop and will be looking to prove his relevance with this latest release. Expect him to come strong.

                                   Check the video for Dreams the albums first single here:
                                           Directed by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
                                           Produced by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
                                                     Mixed & Mastered by: Sapient

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Merkules -Trust Your Gut

The excitement continues to mount as Surrey's lyrical goliath Merkules puts the final touches on his much anticipated 4th album. Trust Your Gut is set to realease April 20th 2017. Keep an eye out for the first video single to drop any day.
Merkules states on a March 17th post: "The first single/video off my new album is dropping way sooner than you think. You ready? #TrustYourGut"  
  Catch him live as he kicks off another Canadian tour shortly after the drop. The tour will start in Brandon Manitoba April 28th before heading east and then finally finishing up June 23rd in Nelson, BC.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Noise ft. Snak The Ripper - Whoa Now

Attention technical rap fans. This one's for you.

Surrey's NOISE,
a hip hop group consisting of two brothers JunYor & John Devlin,
recently released their debut album 'The Pink Apartments'. The 15 track
album features an amazing collection of rapid fire lyrics and precise
syllable work mixed with chilling harmonies laid over some crisp and
diverse production.
Picking one to share was difficult. They are all fire. So we decided to go with 'Whoa Now' with a feature from the local favourite Snak The Ripper

The rest of the album is available for free streaming here:…/sets/the-pink-apartments

Dephiant - Simple Science ft. Merkules (Lyric Video)

Surrey represent.

continues his forward push to ingrain himself into the BC music scene
with another solid video supported by some of Vancouver's finest. First
aligning himself with JUNK
for his single 'Who Wanna Test' the 15 year old Romanian born rapper
comes back strong with the follow-up single 'Simple Science' featuring Merkules.
Dark imagery and subject matter fit the tone perfectly as the lyric
video accents Merkules' intricate rhyme schemes. As stated in the
song Dephiant doesn't plan on stopping till he reaches the top. It's
fair to assume we will be hearing plenty more from this artist soon.
Pre-order for Dephiant's debut EP featuring Merkules, Prada West, Junk, Kryple, and many more available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp soon...

Produced By Jared Tait
Mixed By DJ Nato
Mastered By Dj Nato
Video Edited By imperetiv
Extra Effects By James Black

Check out Dephiant's Youtube channel here:
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