Sunday, 8 January 2017

Snak The Ripper - Runnin' Wild (Official Music Video)

As a person that grew up in the underbelly of society, there were times when the things I have now were completely unobtainable. I would look to the other kids with envy as they rolled into the highschool parking lot with cars paid for by their parents, exchanging stories of their latest wild trip to Mexico during spring break. I would spend half of my paycheck on the latest shoes or clothes in attempt to fit in, even though it was horribly noticeable that I didn't. Then the oil patch fired up. Suddenly that gruesome underbelly had more money than it knew what to do with. Booze, tattoos, and big trucks naturally ensued. We were runnin' wild.
Although Snak's path was very different the outcome was very much similar. Which is why this track relates to so many of my peers. The cycle of partying on days off before heading back to the grind is infectious. Set in a Mexican beach, Snak tears up the resort. Switching between scenes of slamming back as much of the all-inclusive booze as he can to laying back carefree with his girl. The ending has a nice little twist, with an inception-esque plunge into the pool, jolting him back into the dreary, snow-laden wintery landscape that we call home.
The Engineer produced track can be found on his latest release From The Dirt.
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