Sunday, 29 January 2017

King H -Telling Tales (Ninetyfour diss)

Vancouver heats up.

In the last while I've noticed a growing
amount of negative sentiment in the message boards between rappers that
were born and raised in Vancouver verses ones that have moved to the
city from other places and claim to be "king of the Vancity". This
finally boiled over onto wax after R&B singer and former Toronto
resident ninetyfour. went on a live video stream calling out the city and claiming to be the best in Vancouver. As it caught the ear of Vancity native King H,
he felt compelled to say something about it. So naturally he did what
any true hip hop artist would do. He laid down a scathing diss track to
defend his Vancouver brethren. Personally I think that it's the job of
the hip hop community to crown somebody as the best and the opinion of
the creator should not be taken into consideration. But that's just me.
You can catch both NinetyFour and King H performing February 10th at Fortune Sound Club
Produced by 40K & Zelli Risk
The song with be included on King H's new album: Next Up available Feb. 17th
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