Monday, 2 January 2017

Junk - Saved Me ft. Snak The Ripper (Official Music Video)

After following JUNK's career over the last couple years, there is something heartwarming about seeing him finally get the recognition I always believed he deserved. It's unfortunate that in the hip hop industry, especially in this corner of the continent, you need a cosign to get people to take you seriously. The talent was always there, from grinding out freestyles, rap battles, and his work with Northwest Division. It seemed like he was always on the brink of something bigger but just couldn't get the city behind him. I see this too often with local artists. With the diversity that comes with the Greater Vancouver area, it's understandable that fans from different walks of life would want to clique up with their favourite rappers, it's just unfortunate when they blacklist the rest until someone says it's ok to support them. They say numbers don't lie, but they also don't tell the whole story.
"Saved Me" was one of my top tracks from I.A.N. with both artists writing from the heart. You really get a sense that music has truly enveloped their lives and now guides them to a better direction than they were once traveling.
Expect lots more from Junk in the near future as he plans on releasing an album for early 2017 and Northwest Division's 3rd installment of the Stay Sharp mixtape series is already recorded and ready to go.
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