Sunday, 15 January 2017

ekke - Nasty

Who is Ekke?

Perhaps I've just become more in-tune with discovering new emerging
artists, but the trend seems to be both the amount of diversity of style
as well as raw talent coming out of western Canada has been growing
steadily. It's hard to keep up with at times. I often see the words
"Vancouver rapper" come across my news feed and I always automatically
click follow with full intent to someday come back and check it out, but
sometimes things get buried in the newsfeed and
forgotten. Ekke was one of these. Fortunately he popped back up onto my
feed. This time I listened and what I heard blew me away. The calibre
of his delivery blindsided me. How had I not heard of this guy before?

His brand new video for "Nasty" starts off in a quiet office setting,
with Ekke looking for something more exciting to get his day going. As
he types in "nasty rap" in his youtube search, the first thing to come
up is a video of a gritty, high energy party anthem. Switching between
scenes of partying and becoming increasingly frustrated with his boss,
he finally has enough and quits. Meanwile, as the party winds down, he
receives a nasty little surprise of his own.
The Jonathan Spooner directed video is Ekkes first from his debut project "Free Music" coming soon.
Produced by Annum. Co-produced by Sound of Kalima
Check out the rest of his music here:
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