Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dephiant - Who Wanna Test ft. Junk [Official Video]

From Romania To Vancouver.

With both Dephiant and JUNK
being born on different continents before relocating to Vancouver
(Dephiant being from Romania and Junk born in Germany) they have gone
through many of the same experiences growing up in a new country so it
seems fitting that these two would link up on a track together. Junk
never ceases to amaze with his constant barrage of multis over some
amazing boombap delivered by Dj Radiohead. What's inspiring about
Dephiant is his age. At only 15, he
shows skill far ahead of his time and shows no signs of slowing down
with his debut album "Up Next" expected this spring. The project will
host a ton of local features from Merkules, Prada West, Junk, Kryple, Mugg Shot Music, RZ aka Rhymeztein, Young Aspect, and J.Marsh.

Check his new video Who Wanna Test featuring Junk below.
Dupont Entertainment
Directed by James Black
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