Sunday, 29 January 2017

King H -Telling Tales (Ninetyfour diss)

Vancouver heats up.

In the last while I've noticed a growing
amount of negative sentiment in the message boards between rappers that
were born and raised in Vancouver verses ones that have moved to the
city from other places and claim to be "king of the Vancity". This
finally boiled over onto wax after R&B singer and former Toronto
resident ninetyfour. went on a live video stream calling out the city and claiming to be the best in Vancouver. As it caught the ear of Vancity native King H,
he felt compelled to say something about it. So naturally he did what
any true hip hop artist would do. He laid down a scathing diss track to
defend his Vancouver brethren. Personally I think that it's the job of
the hip hop community to crown somebody as the best and the opinion of
the creator should not be taken into consideration. But that's just me.
You can catch both NinetyFour and King H performing February 10th at Fortune Sound Club
Produced by 40K & Zelli Risk
The song with be included on King H's new album: Next Up available Feb. 17th

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dephiant - Who Wanna Test ft. Junk [Official Video]

From Romania To Vancouver.

With both Dephiant and JUNK
being born on different continents before relocating to Vancouver
(Dephiant being from Romania and Junk born in Germany) they have gone
through many of the same experiences growing up in a new country so it
seems fitting that these two would link up on a track together. Junk
never ceases to amaze with his constant barrage of multis over some
amazing boombap delivered by Dj Radiohead. What's inspiring about
Dephiant is his age. At only 15, he
shows skill far ahead of his time and shows no signs of slowing down
with his debut album "Up Next" expected this spring. The project will
host a ton of local features from Merkules, Prada West, Junk, Kryple, Mugg Shot Music, RZ aka Rhymeztein, Young Aspect, and J.Marsh.

Check his new video Who Wanna Test featuring Junk below.
Dupont Entertainment
Directed by James Black

Cody The Catch - Medicine (Directed. GLovely Clouds) MUSIC VIDEO

East Van East Van.

Cody the Catch is back with his new video
for Medicine. Weed clouds and piano riffs carry the tone as Cody spits
his smooth flow over a bathtub full of bombay, contemplating the
struggle with alcohol and why so many need it to feel "on top of the
Download a copy of this song along with the rest Cody Tkach's mixtape "Menace To Sobriety" for free here:
Directed by GLovely Clouds
GLovely Productions
Legendary Hammers

Sunday, 15 January 2017

PRADA WEST - "Quick16 Saturday" Instalment #5 Luniz "Got 5 On It" Beat

Prada West continues his Quick16 Saturday series with #5 - I Got 5 On It

ekke - Nasty

Who is Ekke?

Perhaps I've just become more in-tune with discovering new emerging
artists, but the trend seems to be both the amount of diversity of style
as well as raw talent coming out of western Canada has been growing
steadily. It's hard to keep up with at times. I often see the words
"Vancouver rapper" come across my news feed and I always automatically
click follow with full intent to someday come back and check it out, but
sometimes things get buried in the newsfeed and
forgotten. Ekke was one of these. Fortunately he popped back up onto my
feed. This time I listened and what I heard blew me away. The calibre
of his delivery blindsided me. How had I not heard of this guy before?

His brand new video for "Nasty" starts off in a quiet office setting,
with Ekke looking for something more exciting to get his day going. As
he types in "nasty rap" in his youtube search, the first thing to come
up is a video of a gritty, high energy party anthem. Switching between
scenes of partying and becoming increasingly frustrated with his boss,
he finally has enough and quits. Meanwile, as the party winds down, he
receives a nasty little surprise of his own.
The Jonathan Spooner directed video is Ekkes first from his debut project "Free Music" coming soon.
Produced by Annum. Co-produced by Sound of Kalima
Check out the rest of his music here:

Young Aspect - SMACK ft. DJ Scob (Official Video)

Young Aspect drops some fresh bars over some boombap in his new video for Smack featuring Dj Scob

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Snak The Ripper - Runnin' Wild (Official Music Video)

As a person that grew up in the underbelly of society, there were times when the things I have now were completely unobtainable. I would look to the other kids with envy as they rolled into the highschool parking lot with cars paid for by their parents, exchanging stories of their latest wild trip to Mexico during spring break. I would spend half of my paycheck on the latest shoes or clothes in attempt to fit in, even though it was horribly noticeable that I didn't. Then the oil patch fired up. Suddenly that gruesome underbelly had more money than it knew what to do with. Booze, tattoos, and big trucks naturally ensued. We were runnin' wild.
Although Snak's path was very different the outcome was very much similar. Which is why this track relates to so many of my peers. The cycle of partying on days off before heading back to the grind is infectious. Set in a Mexican beach, Snak tears up the resort. Switching between scenes of slamming back as much of the all-inclusive booze as he can to laying back carefree with his girl. The ending has a nice little twist, with an inception-esque plunge into the pool, jolting him back into the dreary, snow-laden wintery landscape that we call home.
The Engineer produced track can be found on his latest release From The Dirt.
Pick up a copy here:

Monday, 2 January 2017

Garrison Cade - Mind Is A Weapon

Another gritty trap banger from Vancouver hip hop rapper/R&B artist Garrison Cade.

Garrison Cade - Mind Is A Weapon
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2016

Junk - Saved Me ft. Snak The Ripper (Official Music Video)

After following JUNK's career over the last couple years, there is something heartwarming about seeing him finally get the recognition I always believed he deserved. It's unfortunate that in the hip hop industry, especially in this corner of the continent, you need a cosign to get people to take you seriously. The talent was always there, from grinding out freestyles, rap battles, and his work with Northwest Division. It seemed like he was always on the brink of something bigger but just couldn't get the city behind him. I see this too often with local artists. With the diversity that comes with the Greater Vancouver area, it's understandable that fans from different walks of life would want to clique up with their favourite rappers, it's just unfortunate when they blacklist the rest until someone says it's ok to support them. They say numbers don't lie, but they also don't tell the whole story.
"Saved Me" was one of my top tracks from I.A.N. with both artists writing from the heart. You really get a sense that music has truly enveloped their lives and now guides them to a better direction than they were once traveling.
Expect lots more from Junk in the near future as he plans on releasing an album for early 2017 and Northwest Division's 3rd installment of the Stay Sharp mixtape series is already recorded and ready to go.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

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