Saturday, 25 November 2017

Somethin' Like That's New Music Video "Cordial"


  Somethin’ Like That, releases the official music video for the second single Cordial off of his debut commercial project Speech Rich Vol.1. The follow-up single was produced by Canadian music producer S.L.M.N. of the #gtawrk crew (as seen on Tracy T's “Millionaire Nightmares” ft. Torey Lanez and Roy Wood$ “Say Less”). The video was shot and edited by Canadian cinematographer and past NBL player Kamar Burke a.k.a. KB Kutz who recently featured one of his documentaries in the Canadian Film Fest.

Hard pressed to make an impact on the BC hip hop scene,  Somethin' Like has stepped his game up once again. The video was shot at an abandoned commercial property in West Kelowna, giving it the gloomy visual treatment to accompany the songs vibe. A conceptual track that sees Somethin' struggling with the conditions of societal norms. Or as he puts it:

"The driven footing and scrutinizing manner of this song shines through as it layers an ardent approach towards challenging the conceptions of the many things that are considered to be “cool” in today’s western culture as well the general impudence of society’s governance. The dual messages being expressed are tied together in the hook which examines how the “You ain’t invited, unless you gonna go hard” mentality is askew. The underlying meaning that also exists in the hook’s message, however, is that if you don’t go hard towards overcoming the conceptions and impudence, you won’t survive the chaos.     Within the verses Somethin’ draws parallels between the popular more prevalent views of society and of government. He speaks to how their bastardization from within has affected these institutions and how it is comparable to a bad trip or nightmare. The track’s distinct production and very spacious environment (courtesy of S.L.M.N. [beat], and Jamie Kuse of Creativ Music Centre [mixing & mastering]) accentuates the verve of the vocals and the effects in the mix highlight the edginess and turmoil involved in the analysis that is taking place.     The song’s experimentation with contrasting ideals and energetic values, while maintaining uplifting yet dark vibes through the sound and lyrics, allows for a unique listening experience. The depth of the track compels follow up exposures. The afterthought is meant to suggest that if you disregard the way society and the government want you to be, and just do you – stay driven and focused, that you can begin “turnin’ up the stakes, I know what it takes” – which is meant to light a fire in your heart and leave you questioning the structures we are confined within."
 - Somethin' Like That
 Somethin' Like That - Cordial (Official Video)
Prod. by S.L.M.N. - @prodbySLMN
Shot & Edited by KB Kutz - @thekbkutz
Mixed & Mastered by Jamie Kuse - @jamiekuse

 Find Somethin' Like That on social media:

'SPEECH RICH (VOL.1)’ is available now:
 iTunes/Apple Music: 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Surrey's Brimlow is back with A Couple Drinks In

The young up-n-comer from Surrey known as Brimlow drops the new video Couple Drinks In.

 We have been keeping a close eye on Brim over the course of the last year. It was September of 2016 that we first hosted his track Miss The Drugs which was met with a surprising amount of enthusiasm from the community. He has shown an incredible amount of progression in a relatively short amount of time since then. From his delivery to his showmanship, he is presenting himself as a true emcee.

 Teaming up with 7 On It Production's Dale Andrew Villajuan, they enlisted the help of Dancers Aason "Ace" Torell and Brett Bowser to put together a simple yet visually captivating video while Brimlow finesses a girl over the beat with his slow, smooth flow.

Brimlow - Couple Drinks In Produced by DreamLifeBeats Engineered, Mixing, Mastering by DJ 151 Visual work: 7 On It Production Dancers: Aason "Ace" Torell - Brett Bowser " Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 2017

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

As the Stars Drift Away into Smoke And Ashes...


Vancouver's underground rap veteran Attikus is back again with the first video single off  of his fourth full length project UPROARSandDOWNPOURS. SMOKEandASHES touches base on some of the high profile deaths that have been on the forefront of pop culture over the course of the last century. From political assassinations to self inflicted deaths of movie stars, the song covers all bases. The long, single verse sandwiched between a female supported hook lays everything out. With a lengthy buildup full of imagery coupled with a barrage of nostalgia, the song definitely brings up old memories. The Luke Archibald directed video gives us glimpses of history old and new as it highlights some of the most iconic figures of our time, all of which ended in tragedy. Just like many of the people in the song, it too feels like it falls short at the end. With all the emotional buildup, the abrupt ending gives the story an unfinished feeling without any real message other than asking "why". The track itself is solid. Attikus effortlessly slides into the pocket with a smooth beat provided by Vago and there are some solid bars to be heard throughout. Overall, a good jam to sit back and smoke to.
  With the new record label Move Right Music at his back, Attikus has tour plans in Canada, USA and Europe in 2018 as he promotes his new album with his lady DJ Synductive on the decks,Vancouver beat box legend GBOXX and guitarist Kristopher James at his side.

 Video Directed by Luke Archibald - @lucrativesight 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Has Swollen Members Officially Gone Limp?

   It's no secret that The Vancouver super-group known as Swollen Members are past their prime. They once held an almost godly stature in Western Canadian hip hop for putting the city on the map so to speak. Most people over the age of 25 can recall how often "Bring It Home" or "Breathe" was on the MuchMusic rotation. Even after a long hiatus brought on by drug addiction and blacklisting due to gang affiliations, they managed to crawl back onto the Canadian scene. Madchild's 2012 return set the stage with his critically acclaimed solo album Dopesick and the following year the group reached their peak with their highest charting album Beautiful Death Machine coming in at number 3 on the Canadian albums chart. 2014 saw the next installment from Swollen Members with Brand New Day, an album met with less enthusiasm but still held it's ground in it's own respect. After that, however, not much has come from the group. They went along their separate ways with Madchild focusing on his solo career and Prevail pursuing his joint effort Alpha Omega with Neph. Prevail seemed to distance himself even further after the 2015 collision between Madchild and Snak The Ripper. While Snaks camp was very vocal in their support for their brother, there was nothing but crickets in Madchilds corner, save perhaps the backup he got from Pimpton and Demrick. Personally I thought that was the end of the Swollen era.

  What puzzles me is todays release of their music video for "Supreme Beings" It's their first music video released since 2014 and it isn't even a new song. Although the track was never officially released on an album, it is already 3 years old. The re-release isn't what has me scratching my head though. What I find odd is the execution. On top of the old audio, the video is a messy mix of re-hashed retro television and live performance footage more fitting of a newbie soundcloud rapper. The entire video feels both sloppy and rushed which to me doesn't make sense when you have 3 years to come up with something with a little more substance. A quick scroll through the comments reveals that the group is gearing up to release new content in 2018. If it's a new album they are speaking of, it would make this the start of their next promo campaign. For a dynasty group attempting to remain relevant, this doesn't seem to be the way to go about it. Although I generally try to stay away from negative reviews, there is just nothing good I can say about this release.

 Admittedly this is nothing more than early speculation, but the message this video is sending us is that we can expect the same old sound and subject matter coming our way. If they do go through with another album I don't expect it to be a complete flop. The group will always receive praise from their core fanbase. The creation of the "Baxwar" movement assured this. With fans investing so much of their time and energy into becoming part of a group, it makes letting go nearly impossible. An echo chamber brought on by the innate desire to be involved in something bigger held in place with a patch and a denim vest.
For the rest of us, don't hold your breathe.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. Agree or disagree, we love hearing it all.

Swollen Members "Supreme Beings" Official Music Video. Supreme Beings is available for now online at Pre-order Madchild Dope Sick on vinyl online at and Battle Axe Holiday sale at with $5 T-shirts and CDS. Produced by Rob The Viking Edited by Big Shot Music Inc.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Madchild Vs Pat Stay - Pat Stay Reacts to Madchild


KOTD battle rapper Pat Stay calls out Madchild for dodging his attempts at setting up a battle that Madchild has been promoting on his social media.We are not really sure if it's a love/hate relationship or not but the Instagram battles they have been having back and forth are rather entertaining.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Birdman Reveals living in Prince George, BC, Canada


Cash Money CEO and self proclaimed "Father Of Lil Wanye" Birdman discloses a little known bit of his past during an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1.
After Angie probes into Birdmans early life, he reveals for the first time that he spent several years of his childhood growing up in Prince George, a small Canadian city in the heart of British Columbia. With the passing of his mother, he moved up north along with his sister and uncle for 2-3 years during the mid 70's before returning back to New Orleans, where he would eventually form one of the most influential hip hop labels of all time: Cash Money Records.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Merkules Keeps The Flame Alive With Another New Hit


Surrey rapper Merkules drops a new one-take video. This time changing it up from his usual remixes with the unexpected new original track "Wanna" Produced by C-Lance  and Aaron Hiltz. 

#Vancouver #stompdownkillaz #sdk #stealthbombrecords

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Who Is Lil Windex?

Is Lil Windex real or a joke? We answer these questions and more...

   Although feelings are mixed the internet has spoken. Lil Windex is here to stay, at least for now. Starting as a joke, a mere jab at the new trending wave of young artists, Windex has blossomed into something truly spectacular that has far exceeded the expectations of most. Personally, I saw the writing on the wall. The success of Lil Windex was no accident. The buildup of anticipation for the initial release was massive. A succession of smart and thoughtful marketing strategies that were employed with precision and executed with confidence. Capitalizing on his already established fan base through his DTG page as well as harnessing the power of the common "hater" to help drive traffic towards his controversial music. Controversial? Perhaps a bit of an overstatement but making a mockery of hip hop in the form of satire is, for whatever reason, seen as off-limits by many of the cultures purists. I will probably receive hate for even publishing an article about it. Odd, I know, in a landscape of no-holds-barred battle raps and vicious one-on-one diss tracks. But hey, I'm not here to point out the hypocrisy.
   Who is DTG you ask? That is an easy question to answer if you have been involved in the local British Columbia scene over the past couple years but from the outside looking in, it's a bit more of a mystery. Dylan Godfrey aka DTG aka Lil Windex is a comedian/rapper from the town of Mission, BC located in the Southwest corner of Canada. I had first heard of Dylan before he blew up. He was a local underground rapper known for posting short skits and funny memes on the message boards of some of the local artists. Although he had some amusing content, he didn't really receive much shine in the beginning. His first hit, a video portraying the stereotypical underground rapper in the summer of 2015, How Not To Be A Rapper went viral. It wasn't until later that year as the Snak The Ripper/Madchild beef exploded over the Halloween weekend that things really started to snowball. A well put together video with Dylan dressed up as Madchild, poking fun at his rebuttals towards Snak, blew up. The fans of the Stompdown Killaz movement ultimately embraced him as he set his musical endeavors on the back burner to focus his efforts on a career in comedic satire.


 After gaining a following, DTG began to take his comedy more seriously, developing into a full blown "meme lord" as he teamed up with local rappers in various skits to expand his audience. It wasn't just for fun anymore. With written scripts, full costumes and guest appearances from local rappers RZ, Merkules, Muggshot, Prada West and many more, he was showing up in all the BC rappers newsfeeds. With multiple videos breaking 10 million views, it was becoming hard to miss.


 Although covering various topics, the central theme was mainly geared around the lighter side of hip hop culture. Besides Madchild catching some heat, DTG also had some funny things to say about other "over the top" acts like Miami rapper Stitches, and Ohio's Slim Jesus. Then came along that hot topic that everyone seems to be talking about. Mumble rap. A topic that has sparked heated debate and controversy across the internet. If you possessed solid rapping skills along with a massive fanbase that are geared toward both comedy and hip hop, what would you do in a time like this? The answer seems obvious. Make a skit that depicts gimmicky mumble rappers. Enter: Lil Windex.


But this time it was bigger than just a skit. There was a plan. This one involved creating a new persona complete with new social media pages. With a beat from C-lance, video direction from Bdice, mixing and mastering from Nato, and even 3rd party booking/feature inquiries, he was building this one up and banking on it going big. Needless to say it did.


Now, a week into his 3rd video single, Mill  is already moving along well with over 200,000 views. Whether you love it or hate it, people seem to have a strong opinion on Lil Windex and that in itself is what keeps the train rolling. It's hard to say how long the novelty will last but if I were to guess, I would say you will be seeing more Lil Windex to come in the near future.

"Lil Windex is a visionary, hip hop icon, and trap music recording artist from British Columbia.
His friends dubbed him "Lil Windex" when they caught him always sippin' Windex. Lil Windex earned 1 Million dollars by age 15.
He is considered by many fans to be the best rapper alive or dead.
Lil Windex was arrested 42 times for noise pollution; his music is loud." - Lil Windex

Follow him on all social media:

Monday, 18 September 2017

Ape Yola - Cookin'

              Ape Yola - Cookin


Vancouver's Ape Yola shows he can chop in his new video for Cookin', the new single from his latest project Blue King available everywhere. You can listen to the rest of the album for free on his soundcloud page, available below.

Video/editing by Jon Valdez-Pavez / 7 Layer Films
Camera Operator: Mario Valdez-Pavez
Produced by Engineer and engineered by Bobby Morales.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

There Is A Bit Of A Bad Human In All Of Us


   I've been saying for years that Junk's skill on the mic has been underrated and overlooked. Watching his career come to fruition is in itself a sort of rewarding experience almost akin to seeing your favourite local sports team winning the series. I've been rooting for this guy. His countless hours behind the mic and at freestyle sessions are beginning to culminate however the quality of work on his latest release Stupid And Ugly should come as no surprise. He has surrounded himself with some of the strongest independents to come out of Canada. Stealth Bomb Records has truly made a name for themselves in the short time they've been around.

  Kevin Wong of Self Hired handles the direction of Junk's latest video release for Bad Human, a dreary, dark storyline surrounding a high profile robbery and kidnapping that blends well with ENG's production and Junk's gritty subject matter. The first verse  plays off the familiar concept of the rapper/hustler duality with the protagonist following the path of music while his homies choose the life of crime. Continuing with the theme of a "bad human" the second verse takes a turn and accentuates the disconnect he feels between his friends and family as he adjusts to living in the fast lane of a touring artist.

 Keep up to date with Junk with this recent interview done by Locfiles that covers his work with Northwest Division, Stealth Bomb Records, Stompdown Killas and the Vancouver hip hop scene in general. Check him out live as he winds down to the end of the Premium Dope Canadian Tour in Ontario.


Follow Junk On Social Media:

Video Credits:
Directed by: Kevin Wong | Self Hired (
Second Shooter: Carlos Chacon
Concept by: Amy Olmstead

Song: Bad Human
Produced by: ENG
Mixed/Mastered: Jamie Kuse
Album: Junk - Stupid And Ugly
Stealth Bomb Records

Monday, 24 July 2017

Painting The Picture of the Couvside Bandits


Out of nowhere comes this banger from Vancouver rapper Pharaoh. By the look of his soundcloud page, which only contains 3 tracks, he is relatively new to the scene and yet has already managed to nail down his own sound. The track itself tells the tale of a drug pusher in Vancouver and all the tribulations that follow. LKTRK provides the perfect backdrop with a simple yet captivating beat accented with a slow flowing piano and hard hitting kicks.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Merkules is taking over Canada right now


Merkules releases his new video for the Trust Your Gut hit song Gon' Die featuring Stevie Ross

Directed by: Stuey Kubrick
Produced by: Nigel Childs
Additional Production by: Nato at Up In Arms Studios
Mixed by: Nato at Up In Arms Studios
Mastered by: Terry Tran

Album: Merkules - Trust Your Gut (Released On: April 20th, 2017)

Merkules Social Media Links:

Stevie Ross Social Media Links:

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Rise Of So Loki

When Sam Lucia first hit my inbox a few years back, I have to admit I was a skeptic. It was late November of 2014. The boastful, praise-laden write-up from his manager (JBM) was nothing out of the ordinary. The 21 year old Vancouver artist was convinced that he had something special in the works. Sitting at my desk with my headphones in I pondered over the demo tracks. As this was the first time hearing Sam, I was both intrigued and puzzled by his uniquely ominous baritone voice and the way he wrote with an interesting mix of metaphors and off-center subject matter. Back then he was fresh off the heels of his debut mixtape White Wine And Black Thoughts and was putting together the demo version for his next project Pharaoh Moans. The Bermuda produced track Golden Goose was the first single. Self describing the record as "experimental trip-hop" the song displayed Sam's unorthodox style in full force. I found interest in the content but I still felt the sound was under-developed. "The Interstellar Fortune Teller" (his alter-ego when producing) needed some outside influence to carry him forward. I could see he had a vision but at that time it was a mere mashup of conception. The mix as a whole was missing something. I let the record sit.  With a re-post and a small shout-out I went on to the next artist, never really expecting much more to come from him.

Golden Goose - Sam Lucia

Fast-forwarding a few months brings us to the April 2015 Vimeo-exclusive release of the Golden Goose video. An equally unorthodox visual conception of his style was apparent. This guy was in his own lane. The creepy white-out eyes had me glued the entire time. I was starting to get the feeling that Sam Lucia wasn't going away any time soon.


Although another year went by of not really hearing much from Sam, he was busy making moves. He linked up with Edmonton's Hood Joplin for The Detour, a short 2 track ep around the same time he started working with Owake Records, the Vancouver Label that he now calls home. Collaborating with Geoffrey Millar would ultimately be his biggest move yet. Using Sam's vocals and Geoffrey's production the two set out to create a new wave in Vancouver music. With their single Lil Ma and the debut mixtape Supermanic, So Loki was born.


Since then the wins have been piling up. The mixtape itself was met with much praise on multiple blogs and the video for Lil Ma received a solid amount of playback. One of the biggest accomplishments was being given the opportunity to perform at this years upcoming Fvded In The Park festival in Surrey alongside an impressive lineup of top tier performers. More recently, however, teaming up with Vevo for the release of the single Liquid Luck  has hit them with over 100 000 views in the last couple weeks. The video is a must see. A trip that words can't explain. I've become a believer.


Each track has been drastically different with a refreshingly unique approach. For the most recent content from these two, check out their May 19th release of Golden. Don't be the last to know as So Loki continues to blow up across the city.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ekke is back with Twist


Vancouver artist Ekke comes back strong with Twist his second single off the upcoming mixtape Free Music.
Ekke has been on our radar for some time now. Although his soundcloud only contains 6 songs, each track displays his understanding of complex rhyme schemes and unique intonation, playing off various phoneme patterns that give each verse that seamless flow.
 His first breakout single was last years remix of Kiiara's hit single Gold which was met with much acclaim around the local community. Since then, he has done a handful of tracks and cyphers including the single Crucify with Vancouver's Sound Of Kalima, a cypher with Pavy and Traffic, and an upcoming one-take video with Vancouver hip hop blog Rapidfire dropping on May 12.
  Brody Harrison handles the producion on Twist, providing a smooth euphoric foundation for Ekke to lay down some quick multis. The chorus, although not being my favourite from this artist, fits well with the overall feel of the track. The gold is found in the bars though. With lines like "Thinking wickedly, I/ Twist and turn as I chase depravity/
With my wits in a permanent state of savagery /
Unassisted, inverted, decayed as cavities,/ I keep snickering as I'm picturing tragedy"

    Free Music is slated for release in August with no definite date set as of yet.

Produced by @onevzn
Mixed and Mastered by David Tallarico

Check out the rest of his material below


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

I Feel Like I'm Conor McGregor



I feel Like I'm Conor McGregor. Woo!

With the first video already released and his album dropping tomorrow, Merkules comes out of the gate swinging with his second single Conor Mcgregor.
 Merk is looking for the anthem on this one. A catchy hook and a few well placed adlibs gives the impression that this tune will be belted out by the entire crowd during each performance. Stuey Kubrick comes through strong as well with an equally catchy and upbeat production.
   The song is pure braggadocio with Merkules asserting his lyrical dominance over the city. Portrayed as a boxer in the video, he throws down punchlines like "I'm runnin' circles 'round these rappers like I'm practicing fitness" and "This shit's a wrap like a pita/ They got the best of me before? I lay 'em flat like it's Diaz"

Order a physical copy of the album here 
Brought to you by Phant:

Directed by: Stuey Kubrick
Produced by: Stuey Kubrick
Mixed by: Nato at Up In Arms Studios
Mastered by: Terry Tran

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cody The Catch - Area 151

 Dirty ghetto kids from the other side.

Cody The Catch continues to live life through the fade in his new video Area 151. Drug and alcohol references continue to dominate the theme as he lays everything out on the table. The bass-heavy production by Steps Necessary keeps your head nodding as Cody raps "In my mind I am lost and they don't know me/ Like I'm in a Mayan ayauasca ceremony"
City Slickers handle the video production featuring trippy colours and flashy distortion assuming to mimic his inebriated mindstate.

   The new album Noface has him switching up his persona, referring to the project as a self-titled work. The release is expected this June with no definitive date set as of yet. If Area 151 foreshadows the rest of the project, his "mutants" will be in for quite a ride.

Find more from Cody The Catch here:

Friday, 31 March 2017

Evil Ebenezer - Ski Mask Way ft. Merkules

I'm about to blow the fuck up outta nowhere like a Samsung phone.

Evil Ebenezer releases Ski Mask Way featuring long time collaborator and friend Merkules. This is his second video from his new album Cultus which also dropped today. Stuey Kubrick shines again as he produced both the video and audio for the entire album. The track is a headbanger. D-Rec provides cuts and snippets from legendary rappers that carry the hook as Merk and Evil lay bars across various Vancouver ghettos. Ebenezer season is back in full swing.

Grab you copy of Cultus HERE

From Evil Ebenezer's new Album CULTUS
Directed by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
Produced by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
Mixed & Mastered by: Sapient
Cuts by: D-Rec

Album: Evil Ebenezer - CULTUS (Official Release Date: March 31st, 2017)
Brought to you by Phant:

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

I just do it for the Couve

I just do it for the Couve.

We are happy to premier the New Video for Stamina.
  Kid Filthy is aiming to make a name for himself. His debut EP The Couve has been steadily gaining momentum since it's late December release . Stamina will be his third video from the project with his previous two Some Will Try and Net Worth already receiving much acclaim from both critics and fans alike. As with his previous videos, Limited Vision handles the direction to provide an exceptional level of quality and professionalism. While Filthy is still relatively new to the game, his stage presence and delivery mimics that of a seasoned veteran and he's got the moves to boot.
   Apparently talent runs in the family. FMN, the producer of Old Days as well as Stamina, also happens to be Kid Filthy's younger brother. If Filthy continues to surround himself with a strong team and continues to push for quality he will definitely make his mark in hip hop. The Couve is listening.

Kid Filthy


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Brevner is back with Chico

"I want what's coming to me. The World Chico, and everything in it."

The classic excerpt from Tony Montana in Scarface sets the precedent for Brevner's latest video Chico. The song originally appears on Matt's 2016 self titled album Brevner, a massively underrated EP from the Vancouver hitmaker. The track features vocals from Brev's longtime friend and collaborator Stevie Ross along with Vancouver crooner Withinroots.
    The video tells the story of an inner city hustler. Starting off with a young innocent couple in the throes of love, enjoying their time together before becoming drawn towards money and excitement that is often offered from the darker corners of society. The innocence diminishes quickly as the scene switches to the downtown east side. Nobody said growing up in east Van was easy. The young mans older brother cuts him into the drug business, creating a conflict of interest between the young hustler and his brothers drug dealer associate. The hustler and his girlfriend, a stripper, become enveloped in the cocaine lifestyle. He soon comes to realize that the fast life is not all what it stacked up to be as distrust develops. He starts to notice things between his girlfriend and his brothers associate and decides to confront her at her work. After finding them both in the back room together, a scuffle breaks out and the hustler draws his gun...The end.

...Damn. Talk about a cliffhanger. Amazing direction from Aaron Mallin and equally inspiring production from Silas 'Slice' Wong makes the entire experience a work of art. Brevner and his team put a ton of effort into their projects. The attention to detail and perfection is what sets the bsharp team apart from many other BC artists. Expect this one to be on rotation for awhile. The story was never finished though. I'm hoping to see these guys get together for part II.

Lose yourself along the way.

Grab your copy on itunes here:

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Merkules - Way Down

After weeks of teasers, Merkules surprises everyone with his sudden release of his new video Way Down, the first single from his upcoming album Trust Your Gut. The video is classic Stuey Kubrick direction. Showing off gorgeous Vancouver cityscapes as Merkules rolls slow-mo through town puffing on his blunt. The beat, a solid C-Lance production with additional production from Aaron Hiltz, has that classic boom-bap feel with a dirty sounding dubstep-influenced bass that is likely to get the crowd fired up. Merkules states in the song "Lately I just feel like I'm the greatest" and with good measure. His career has been skyrocketing ever since the release of Scars. Fueled by the success of his remix series and several tours, Trust Your Gut is set to become Merkules' biggest album yet. The future is bright for this young artist. We are excited to watch it unfold.

His new album will be available April 20th. Check him out at one of the cities listed below as he tours across Canada with Stevie Ross, Luca Mele and Noise.

Evil Ebenezer's new album: Cultus

 After a small hiatus following his previous body of work, 2015's All That's Left, the lord of birds is looking to burst back onto the scene with the March 31st release of his new album Cultus. The album will feature some of Vancouver's favourites alongside production from the Vancity legend Stuey Kubrick. Evil has also been spotted shooting a video with Merkules and he will be doing an Ontario tour starting April to promote the new album. With this being his 11th project in a span of over a decade, he has truly become one of the legends of British Columbia hip hop and will be looking to prove his relevance with this latest release. Expect him to come strong.

                                   Check the video for Dreams the albums first single here:
                                           Directed by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
                                           Produced by: Stuey Kubrick - @StueyKubrick
                                                     Mixed & Mastered by: Sapient

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Merkules -Trust Your Gut

The excitement continues to mount as Surrey's lyrical goliath Merkules puts the final touches on his much anticipated 4th album. Trust Your Gut is set to realease April 20th 2017. Keep an eye out for the first video single to drop any day.
Merkules states on a March 17th post: "The first single/video off my new album is dropping way sooner than you think. You ready? #TrustYourGut"  
  Catch him live as he kicks off another Canadian tour shortly after the drop. The tour will start in Brandon Manitoba April 28th before heading east and then finally finishing up June 23rd in Nelson, BC.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Noise ft. Snak The Ripper - Whoa Now

Attention technical rap fans. This one's for you.

Surrey's NOISE,
a hip hop group consisting of two brothers JunYor & John Devlin,
recently released their debut album 'The Pink Apartments'. The 15 track
album features an amazing collection of rapid fire lyrics and precise
syllable work mixed with chilling harmonies laid over some crisp and
diverse production.
Picking one to share was difficult. They are all fire. So we decided to go with 'Whoa Now' with a feature from the local favourite Snak The Ripper

The rest of the album is available for free streaming here:…/sets/the-pink-apartments

Dephiant - Simple Science ft. Merkules (Lyric Video)

Surrey represent.

continues his forward push to ingrain himself into the BC music scene
with another solid video supported by some of Vancouver's finest. First
aligning himself with JUNK
for his single 'Who Wanna Test' the 15 year old Romanian born rapper
comes back strong with the follow-up single 'Simple Science' featuring Merkules.
Dark imagery and subject matter fit the tone perfectly as the lyric
video accents Merkules' intricate rhyme schemes. As stated in the
song Dephiant doesn't plan on stopping till he reaches the top. It's
fair to assume we will be hearing plenty more from this artist soon.
Pre-order for Dephiant's debut EP featuring Merkules, Prada West, Junk, Kryple, and many more available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp soon...

Produced By Jared Tait
Mixed By DJ Nato
Mastered By Dj Nato
Video Edited By imperetiv
Extra Effects By James Black

Check out Dephiant's Youtube channel here:

Saturday, 11 February 2017

The full story of the Madchild vs Snak The Ripper beef (complete series)

The full explanation of the Madchild vs Snak The Ripper fued of 2015 (complete series)
Songs in order of release:
Snak The Ripper - Assisted Suicide
Madchild - The Funeral
Snak The Ripper - Child Abuse
Madchild -Fatal Attraction
Snak The Ripper- Triple Homicide
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2017

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Indigo District: Poland (Live From the Rooftop)

Healthy in my home but I loath wanderlust.

Simplicity can be very effective when done correctly. Case in point: Indigo District's video for "Poland" featuring Traffik.
It's nothing but them, their instruments and a rooftop yet somehow they
still managed to hold my attention the entire time. With the amount of
passion and energy that they convey in their performance, you would
almost think that they were on stage in front of a roaring crowd. The
complete raw feeling of it all makes it seem like you are standing right
there, watching from behind the scenes. The blend of Indigo's soulful
moody voice with Traffik's thought provoking metaphors coupled with
some crisp visual's makes for an overall enjoyable experience worth
looking into. We hope to see more from Indigo District soon. Don't miss

Video by Photo Shepherd

Sunday, 29 January 2017

King H -Telling Tales (Ninetyfour diss)

Vancouver heats up.

In the last while I've noticed a growing
amount of negative sentiment in the message boards between rappers that
were born and raised in Vancouver verses ones that have moved to the
city from other places and claim to be "king of the Vancity". This
finally boiled over onto wax after R&B singer and former Toronto
resident ninetyfour. went on a live video stream calling out the city and claiming to be the best in Vancouver. As it caught the ear of Vancity native King H,
he felt compelled to say something about it. So naturally he did what
any true hip hop artist would do. He laid down a scathing diss track to
defend his Vancouver brethren. Personally I think that it's the job of
the hip hop community to crown somebody as the best and the opinion of
the creator should not be taken into consideration. But that's just me.
You can catch both NinetyFour and King H performing February 10th at Fortune Sound Club
Produced by 40K & Zelli Risk
The song with be included on King H's new album: Next Up available Feb. 17th

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dephiant - Who Wanna Test ft. Junk [Official Video]

From Romania To Vancouver.

With both Dephiant and JUNK
being born on different continents before relocating to Vancouver
(Dephiant being from Romania and Junk born in Germany) they have gone
through many of the same experiences growing up in a new country so it
seems fitting that these two would link up on a track together. Junk
never ceases to amaze with his constant barrage of multis over some
amazing boombap delivered by Dj Radiohead. What's inspiring about
Dephiant is his age. At only 15, he
shows skill far ahead of his time and shows no signs of slowing down
with his debut album "Up Next" expected this spring. The project will
host a ton of local features from Merkules, Prada West, Junk, Kryple, Mugg Shot Music, RZ aka Rhymeztein, Young Aspect, and J.Marsh.

Check his new video Who Wanna Test featuring Junk below.
Dupont Entertainment
Directed by James Black

Cody The Catch - Medicine (Directed. GLovely Clouds) MUSIC VIDEO

East Van East Van.

Cody the Catch is back with his new video
for Medicine. Weed clouds and piano riffs carry the tone as Cody spits
his smooth flow over a bathtub full of bombay, contemplating the
struggle with alcohol and why so many need it to feel "on top of the
Download a copy of this song along with the rest Cody Tkach's mixtape "Menace To Sobriety" for free here:
Directed by GLovely Clouds
GLovely Productions
Legendary Hammers
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