Saturday, 19 March 2016

BVB5 - Jaws vs Young Gauge

Published on Mar 19, 2016
BVB5 March 11th 2016--Jaws vs Young Gauge
Big Valley Battles

Hosted by JDKNonstop, Bizzy Mind & Kairos
Shot and Edited by Josh Hein
Intro Track -- Kairos - One Man

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Big ups to our sponsors:
Rowdy Barn
West Ave Productions
BC Underground Hip Hop
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#‎BVB5 Release Date Schedule
Jaws vs Young Gauge - Mar. 19th
Kid Savage vs Mister S - Mar. 25th
Donald Cross vs The Kwote - Apr. 1st
Joe Swift vs B3AR - Apr. 9th
JDK Nonstop vs Obi Wan Dabzonly - Apr. 15th
R.A. Heat vs Vinsane - Apr. 22nd
Dr. Grimm vs Gee Yo - Apr. 30th

Brought to you by:
Bizzy Mind, JDK Nonstop, and Keitz Beatz
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