Saturday, 25 July 2015

JBlaq - Bigger Than Life

JBlaq - Bigger Than Life
Produced by Buggatti Beatz
From the album: Divergent Minds
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

or officially known as Jordan Blackman. Jordan was born in London,
Ontario on January 7th 1993 but he grew up in Abbotsford BC. His father
hailing from Barbados and Mother from Tacoma Washington One word to
describe Jordan is passionate. Passion; any powerful or compelling
emotion or feeling, as love or hate. Jordan is passionate about many
things in his life such as his basketball career, playing all throughout
high school, winning championships and continuing on to play post
secondary for one of the best teams in Canada. His passion doesn't stop
there. He will be the first to lay down a sick free style at any moment,
wether he's with friends at a party, or just entertaining the guys at
work. JBLAQ started his music/rap career 1 year ago. He is so lyrical
and smart with every one of his verses. Be on the lookout for new music
and big announcements!
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