Friday, 31 July 2015

Zac Flewids - ABC's (prod. Canis Major)


We are back with our artist Limelight series and this time we are shedding some light on 17 year old Vancouver artist Zac Flewids.

Growing up in Burnaby, Zac had a passion for the entertainment industry starting early in life which began with producing and directing his own short films.
This passion would always involve music, where he would listen to a wide variety of artists, old and new. His interest in hip hop, however, took a more serious
approach after becoming exposed to Logic's mixtape "Undeniable". He would soon learn that he could use music as an outlet to relieve stress.

Starting with a slew of remixes over some of his favourite artists beats, Zac Flewids first grabbed our attention with his complex, dynamic flows and his precise syllable
work that is reminicent of the musicians he's studied. Late 2014 saw the release of his first mixtape "Highest Common Faktor" which was accompanied by several music videos.
The video's themselves were directed and produced by Zac & Sebastian Busse and demonstrated his showmanship and comfort in front of a camera.

 Zac is currently gearing up to release his second free mixtape `Conversations By The Apple Tree` due this coming Tuesday, August 4th. It mainly reflects upon overcoming personal insecurities,
temptation, and growing into an emerging musician through the eyes of a west coast suburbanite. Although he holds the sole vocals on the
project, it`s received production from a host of different people including: Canis Major, NewDersey, Ricky Vela, CMBeats, Triad Matilda, Harlow, Rhakim Ali, MjNicols, Lasik,
NP-Courtney, and Donato. You can catch Zac Flewids yourself tomorrow as he performs at the Electric Love Music Festival(Aug 1st)( )

There are already several music video's available from his new mixtape. Check out one of our favourite "ABC's" below and don't forget to check out his page here:

Saturday, 25 July 2015

JBlaq - Bigger Than Life

JBlaq - Bigger Than Life
Produced by Buggatti Beatz
From the album: Divergent Minds
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

or officially known as Jordan Blackman. Jordan was born in London,
Ontario on January 7th 1993 but he grew up in Abbotsford BC. His father
hailing from Barbados and Mother from Tacoma Washington One word to
describe Jordan is passionate. Passion; any powerful or compelling
emotion or feeling, as love or hate. Jordan is passionate about many
things in his life such as his basketball career, playing all throughout
high school, winning championships and continuing on to play post
secondary for one of the best teams in Canada. His passion doesn't stop
there. He will be the first to lay down a sick free style at any moment,
wether he's with friends at a party, or just entertaining the guys at
work. JBLAQ started his music/rap career 1 year ago. He is so lyrical
and smart with every one of his verses. Be on the lookout for new music
and big announcements!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Zac Flewids - ABC's (prod. Canis Major)

Zac Flewids - ABC's
produced by Canis Major
from his "Conversations By The Apple Tree" Mixtape available August 4th 2015
Faktor Pulse
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 2015 New hip hop


Business Contact:

Zac Flewids is a young, dedicated lyricist and recording artist from Vancouver, Canada who touches base on many issues through his diligence, linguistics, and complex rhyme schemes. He successfully does his best to avoid the stereotypical rap atmosphere by introducing an element of class to his art. On December 2, 2014, Zac released his first musical project called “Highest Common Faktor”, which he spent 14 months on. He also produces high quality YouTube videos and freestyles over industry beats on his YouTube channel. Zac Flewids has performed at local events and truly has the ability to liven up an audience. As he gradually begins to acquire the attention in which he so greatly deserves, his work ethic continues to be intense and shows the determination and persistence in which he bears. Zac’s unique style differs greatly from the typical persona of a hip hop artist. He does not believe in being materialistic, and tries his best to make a difference without coming off as cliche. In specific, Zac recently produced a music video where he and his team made and brought sandwiches to the homeless community of Vancouver’s east side. To sum up Zac Flewids, he is a role model for modern day hip hop and has the ability to make a massive impact on the hip hop scene.  - Zac
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