Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Willie YC - Affirmative Action prod WYC

Willie YC - Affirmative Action
Produced by WYC
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 2015
Willie Young Concious


A Canadian/Ghanaian aspiring Hip-Hop Emcee from Vancouver; also an independent artist under Golden Coast Entertainment & Records / QuietStorm Production.

The Founder of Golden Coast Entertainment & Records

Formally known for his DEBUT MIXTAPE #LYRICAL22 www.datpiff.com/Willie-YC-Lyrical…xtape.664175.html


Willliam Takyi-Prah or better known for his stage name "Willie Young Conscious" is a promising Hip-Hop artist from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Although born and raised in Vancouver, will gets his best qualities from his parents who are of ghanaian decent. Since he was a child, respect, importance of education, and loyalty were some traits embedded into his mind at an early age. Second to William'€™s first talent which is music, is his love for basketball. The sport had taken him to various parts of the United States. Will travelled to cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle & LA; for highly anticipated AAU basketball tournaments, most of which had featured some of the top prospects in the nation. He later arrived at a conclusion to pursue his music career in place of his fond affection for basketball. Willie included the acronym "YC"€ in his artist name to capture two distinct meanings. The first of which is his well known alias, "Young Corleone". This was initially inspired by the movie "The Godfather"€, and one of his musical inspirations "Big L". With new found insights, Willie attained a level of higher consciousness, which led him to establish the name "Young Conscious". Will was introduced to music at an early age and has always been committed to reaching his full potential. As an artist Will passes down a powerful message to his audience of overcoming obstacles and striving through difficulty. He believes it is essential to stay true to one's personal endeavors. Positivity drives him as he tries to reflect that upon his fans. Willie's relentless vision of success and appreciation for his music puts him on the fast track to making a household name, while growing an army of loyal fans.
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