Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Redd Casey - How Legend prod. Canis Major

Redd Casey - How Legend
Produced by Canis Major
Mixed & Mastered by Adept
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada 2014
Casey, formerly known as Redd, is a young up-and-coming Hip-Hop Artist,
residing in Kelowna B.C, where he was born and raised. His in-depth
wordplay and intricate rhyme schemes are certainly a playing factor in
what sets him apart from other Canadian rappers. From an early age it
was those particular patterns that really caught Redd's ear and drew him
towards writing. After moving all throughout B.C and A.B, Redd Casey
made the decision to move back to Kelowna in 2012 and focus on his music
career because it was of utmost importance. At that point he met rapper
GoLdenChiLd and producer Keitz Beatz, and moved into the 'Day Shaw Voo'
house. Since then he's been working diligently on creating many new
projects, including features from artists such as Evil Ebenezer, BDice
and Merkules. Redd Casey also won his first King of the Dot battle in
2013, which is evidence of the competition that this kid prides himself
on. With 100+ live shows under his belt, including sharing the stage
alongside Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan, Hopsin, MGK and King Los,
Redd Casey has proved he is a rising star, and definitely an artist to
keep a look out for. Currently working on his second EP “Death to the
Pigeons” to be released by December 2014 and his first full length album
“Hashburns & Sidebrowns” set to release by Summer 2015.

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