Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sonreal Wheres Waldo full album

Album: Where's Waldo?
Vernon, British Columbia Canada 2011

I went into Where’s Waldo knowing that I needed to confront something in my life. I can’t write my music for everyone, and not everyone is going to love me. I’ve always made my music using an outside eye making sure I wasn’t saying anything my listeners wouldn’t like, or look down upon. Therefore, I haven’t been completely honest. With Where’s Waldo I dug deeper then I ever have before, exposed myself, and said the words I felt in my heart. Whether it was something deep conceptually or just a song having fun, if it was on my mind, I said it. I swear sometimes, I’m not perfect, I don’t always sing on key. These are the things that make this record unique. I am extremely grateful that the artists and producers involved with this provided me a platform to say the things I did, and further our success as a whole. With that being said, come find me. Where’s Waldo?

released 28 February 2011
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