Monday, 9 February 2015

Matt Brevner ft. Moka Only - Crashed ft. Moka Only (Eclectricity)

Matt Brevner Featuring Moka Only - Crashed
Produced by Sonny Parmar
From his 4th studio album: Eclectricity
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 2014

Eclectricity is a ten song announcement of an Artist Arriving. One of Western Canada's premiere HipHop artists, Matt Brevner makes hybrid music, because he's a hybrid human. Half-Trinidadian, Half-Japanese, and coming of into his own in the age of Everything Known, Matt Brevner is a refreshing Artist taking risks and seeing the payoffs. Combining golden flows and butter tones with a multi-genre sonic mining that borrows from everywhere and still feels entirely unique, the Vancouver, BC based Emcee/Songwriter/Producer (AND accomplished Video Director) is Crushing Right Now.

Sonically, Brevner's influences are all over the map. From Metric to French Montana and everywhere in between, Brevner pulls influences from sonics, song concepts, vocal effects and production tweaks - Nothing is off limits to add more insight to make dope music. Wanting to get his name out further, Brevner is making Eclectricity into a double disk with a bonus album called the Bushido Project, an incredible album in and of itself, that he's just throwing in there for free. Brevner is doing this because he knows you'll want to hear more from him, right away.

In the age of Innovation, Invention is Dead. Nothing is new. Only new combinations of old tricks bring the kids to the table.There's no doubt that Brevner is an oncoming artist with a huge upside. He's rapping about subjects something that matter. He's producing music at a very high level. He also directs his own videos, which on occasion, win awards. This Album is Eclectic, the Songs Electric, the Result: Expected. Matt Brevner is Fuckin Here.
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