Friday, 16 January 2015

Matt Brevner ft. Tom Macdonald - Dark Side Of The Moon

Matt Brevner ft. Tom Macdonald - Dark Side Of The Moon
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 2014

With the few successes of Vancouver’s remote hip-hop scene fading away into history, Matt Brevner’s arrival in marked the start of a new generation of game changers for the city. Shaped by his Trinidadian and Japanese roots, Brevner’s gritty honesty, matched by his consistent hustle, set a new standard for the underground.

In 2009 his debut album, Magnum Opus, received airplay by Vancouver’s Top 40 radio station. The single “Never Going to be My Friend” was featured on MTV Canada’s Peak Season. One years later, he dropped his sophomore album Blissful Ignorance, which boasted over 12,000 downloads in its first two weeks. It was an unprecedented accomplishment for a Vancouver indie hip-hop artist. He quickly followed up with another unexpected victory- a feature track on Bass Nectar’s Cozza Frenzy album.

The following year Brevner payed homage to the samurai’s code of honour with The Bushido Project. Having fused sample-based hip-hop with Katana sharp precision, the album’s progressive sound caught the attention of Sway Calloway. Soon after, Brevner was anonymously submitted into Hot97′s Who’s Next competition. He reached the top spot, but unfortunately had to forfeit due to a late submission. That same year he featured in and produced “Jitters” with Madchild of Swollen Members and Dutch Robinson of The Ohio Players. The single propelled Madchild’s Dopesick album to #1 on the overall Canadian iTunes chart, as well as #6 on its US counterpart.
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