Saturday, 17 January 2015

Bdice - Hipnotikk Presents: Canada-Wide Cypher Contest Ft. Passionate MC".

Hipnotikk Cypher Contest:

Shoutout to the sheep then -i point out the wolves
No wool, over the vision, gift given to drop the gloves,
This the battle rap, me vs the media In my habitat,
Noahs ark paddle raps, only to get the cattle back

cabbage patch -kids grown in the matrix, face booked in a maze its, a
day and a age of replacement, replaced as a vacant patient,
Chasin makin a payment,
Amusin imaginations, the muse to amass a nation, it's the

Stimuli, subliminal in the eye
Keep diggin deep and you'll find,
The pyramid we inside, oh my
Cuz Monkey see, and monkey do,
To get the bigger picture climbed and got a better view

And I Went bananas, a panic in panorama,
full circle filmed on a canon to bandage a man organic- well
Recovered from the secrets, just so we can see facts,
Addicted to achievements so i guess i'm here to relapse- ha
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