Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Switch Releases New EP, Plans To Drop More In 2020

Switch Releases New EP, Plans To Drop More In 2020

By Shakes The Gardener

Vancouver Island emcee, Switch, released his new EP, Run With Scissors on Saturday, January 25.

The six-track EP is packed with memorable lines and has some solid features from Smoke DZA, Slaine and 730 Edot.

Slaine met up with Switch while he was on tour in BC and shot a music video for their track, Hold Of My Soul.

"I think we have different styles that worked well together," Slaine said. "I was going through something at the time and told him, 'Look I don't know if I'm capable of writing about anything else but this at this moment'. He was with it."

Switch got high praise from the La Coka Nostra vet for his commitment to the craft.

"He is driven and has a vision for his music. Being an indie artist you need both of those qualities. I think he will do well."

Friday, 31 January 2020

Steady Rotation: Im'peretiv Debuts Full Circle


  With the start of a new year comes change and new opportunities as our planet begins yet another revolution around the sun. To many, the yearly cycle represents an endless path of ending and beginning- a process of returning to our starting points, refining our methods and recalculating our trajectories. With the recent release of his debut single, Canadian producer Im’peretiv had these concepts fully in mind. Released on January 17, 2020, the single entitled “Full Circle” features stellar performances from rappers Junk, Mickey Factz and choice cuts by Dj Flipout and is available now on all platforms. You can stream the single below on Spotify:

  The single embodies Im’peretiv’s core concept for his upcoming EP debut of the same title, “Full Circle”- returning to a moment ten years ago where his final snowboard video part on “veryREALLY” featured Mickey Factz’ “Who’s Hotter” as the soundtrack for his edit. Not only that, but Im’peretiv also reaches back to January 2019 where he and Junk released the first “Together In Pieces EP” which grew to be an underground smash hit trilogy that Junk bashed out in the same year along with two other Canadian producers, Starkore and Mason Rex. The beat itself blended both the newer sound of today’s hip-hop sound with classic boom-bap production techniques to create a faithful representation of the true elements of the genre: emceeing, turntablism and beatbreaks. The engineer Jamie Kuse at Nova Studios did a great job on the mix and polish for the collaboration- the team Im’peretiv put together really brought this one home.

  The two rappers lay down solid penmanship on the track, their two styles and approaches evidently well suited to Im’peretiv’s minimalist production style. Mickey Factz came with an artful flow that reminisced on his past- a self examination of his progression as an artist and as a father. The XXL Freshman alumni laced his narrative together with monolithic statements of street knowledge- all depicted in cleverly crafted lines like this one:

  “life is a full circle, align with the sphere/ ‘cause if you don’t guarantee it, you’ll die as a square”

  Junk rebutted with a masterful verse about his life experiences and single minded determination to dominate the Canadian music scene. He wove his lyrics into a fine tapestry, alluding to the origins of his namesake identity as an artist- tucked inside candid lines that were smoothed by a subtly nuanced cadence. The entire verse was certified quotable but I have to say my favorite lines were the following:

 “ been so much heroin in my life to me it’s been harrowing/ been hanging on like barely/ took a negative and turned that bitch into prosperity/ never switched on anybody show my solidarity/”

  After Billboard’s decision to announce the Billboard Producers Hot 100 in June of last year, the year 2020 is poised to be the year of the producer. Meanwhile in Canada, the lane is wide open for artists like Im’peretiv- the list of independently established producers is short. In a recent Instagram video Im’peretiv broke down the production process of the track from start to finish, deconstructing the entire beat in a raw unedited clip- just one of many instruments in his arsenal of media content. His prior single “Vices & Versa” featured rappers K$WEET and King KV and drew from a similar formula, again with a striking ad campaign.

  In this age of music, an artist’s ability to market is as equally important as their musical talent and if this first track is any indication of Imperetiv’s formula for his debut EP, this project should prove to be a foundational release for his career. His production style and branding approach have all the cornerstones necessary to build from. His recent announcement of a twelve month schedule of beat collabs with more producers than a Kanye West album suggests Im’peretiv could quickly become a household name. See below for links to Im’peretiv and the entire team’s social media so you can be sure to get notified for his next single release in preparation for the “Full Circle” EP set to drop March 20th. Im’peretiv obviously sells beats as well, so if you’re shopping for production be sure to check out his growing catalog of bangers on

  If you are an artist looking for exposure and want to submit your upcoming projects, send your submissions to and we will contact you if we are interested in working with you.

-M. Haliski


Mickey Factz



Jamie Kuse / Nova Studios

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

The Era Of The Forums...

The past year or so in the BC Underground world had been a big one full of development and growth.

  Craving change as my interest in music promotion began to wane, I slowly stepped back from constantly posting songs on my pages and writing articles. It stopped being as fulfilling as it once had when I began doing it back in 2011/2012. Seeing so many other platforms doing the same thing I had been doing with my pages, I felt a different approach was needed. I had to make my own lane and do something unique. So after some initial resistance I instead diverted my energy and focus to facebook groups. I didn't really know how to set it up for success so some initial research was needed. I learned a lot from being in other groups, studying how the successful ones worked and the dead ones didn't. I paid special attention to the times that I was sucked into long threads and debates on artist pages, even when I wasn't directly involved in the conversation, stepping back to evaluate why I had just wasted fourty five minutes of my time reading a hundred comment subthread between a handful of local rappers. I slowly began to understand the underlying drivers that kept people coming back. I knew what I had to do.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Junk Says 2019 Has Been His Busiest So Far...

Junk Says 2019 Has Been His Busiest So Far And Plans Big Things For 2020

- By Shakes The Gardener

2019 has been a great year for BC hip hop - perhaps the best year for BC hip hop ever. It's definitely been the best year ever for one of Vancouver's finest emcees: Junk.

"I think 2019's literally been the busiest year I've ever had in my career so far." says Junk.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

British Columbia's Pool Of Talent Continues To Grow

Kairos follows up his last single Renegade with his new track Too Much

Kelowna rapper Kairos is no stranger to the scene. Being a staple in the local battle rap circuit and showing flexibility as an artist as he plays both sides of the traditional rap sound mixed with more contemporary melodic trap influences such as in his latest track "Too Much" makes Kairos a frontrunner in the slew of artists coming out of the Okanagan area.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Introducing: Starkore

Introducing: Starkore, one of western Canada's fastest growing producers.

With the British Columbia hip hop scene being small, relatively speaking, you tend to pick up on names quickly when you see them mentioned. One of those names that kept coming up in conversations was Starkore. Alongside nearly every rapper that has caught a buzz in BC over the past few years, you'll see Starkore's name somewhere in the production credits.What has stood out to me most is the mans work ethic. He is always on his grind, always pushing and always looking to improve.

We had a chance to catch up with Starkore and get to know a little more about him.

Friday, 1 March 2019

New Vancouver Publication Highlights The Brightest In BC

 Introducing inTune, a new Vancouver based social media publication aimed at bringing awareness to some of BC's top hip hop artists.

inTune Featured Artist: Dkay

Dkay is a Vancouver based recording artist and leader of the @weareleftside collective. His business savvy persona and ethic has led to commendable partnerships with fashion brands @kappa_official, @neweracanada as well as features in many recognized urban publications such as @complex &

Friday, 1 February 2019

Who Is Don Castro?

By Joel Carriere

 Joel Carriere's weekly interviews with BCUG's finest. Week one features Vancouver rapper Castro

Joel: 1. Who is Don Castro?

Born in Vancouver General Hospital, grew up in Surrey BC, I got the name Castro from my Street OG's I looked up too. Kastro was a artist that came from Tupacs rap group "Outlaws". Tupac described his Artist Kastro as being the "First to blast....last to dash". Since a youngin growing up in BC i was constantly in the center of trouble, and that trouble increased when I branched out from
under my ogs wings and started My own street squad "Teflongang". Money was always the mission, but building the name was just as important so a lot of negative attention came with everything else.
One day as a juvenile I was being detained by the Burnaby RCMP at Metrotown Mall, and when my

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Safe & Sound Music Fest 2018

   What makes a music festival unforgettable? The participating artists, location, and last but not least the recreational things one can do while music is still great, loud and always on. In their second year of operation, Safe & Sound Music Festival was very bold and settled. This year the opted genre of sound was hip hop with R&B and Soul influences. The audience recognized the impeccable job the staff undertook to have them only enjoy the festival and make it alive. Indeed in a fantastic frame beside the Fraser river in the core of New Westminster more than 1 thousand people came in during the weekend of the 24th and 25th of August with the sole purpose in mind to get laid by the music. A super thrilled and flashy audience that couldn't stop dancing, singing, jumping and yelling not only at the artists on stage, but also to the DJ selection, while waiting for the next artist. They simply ignited whichever artist was on, with them in turn reciprocating the energy of the crowd.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Canadian Underdogs Interviews - D-Rec

Canadian Underdogs Intervies: Episode 04 - D-Rec

Sam Burrows had a chance to sit down with Vancouver legend D-Rec during the beginning of another exciting run in his career. The Producer/DJ has been a staple in the Vancouver hip hop community for the past 20 years, doing countless shows and multiple tours across Canada and Europe as he travels with his good friend and business partner Snak The Ripper

 D-Rec discusses his humble beginnings DJing at house parties before linking up with Snak during
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