BCUG Top 20 Videos

BC Underground Hiphop's Top 20 Videos Of The Week

Videos released from British Columbian artists within the last 90 days are ranked based on total Youtube views. Videos older than 90 days will automatically be removed from the list. New video releases will be featured for one week under the "Fresh Out" section regardless of view count. This list will be updated at LEAST once per week.
Does not include: One-take/vocal booth videos, cyphers, live performances or lyric videos.
Check back weekly for new entries.

Kris Wu - Like That

Kris Wu - Tian Di

Tom Macdonal - Politically Incorrect 

bbno$ - Tony Thot

Tom MacDonald - Exposure

SonReal - Grammy Song

Tom MacDonald - This House

Tom MacDonald - The Way I Am  

Eazy Mac - Brrr ft. Lil Windex 

Yung Gravy & bbno$ - Benihana

bbno$ - Lavish

Kresnt - D.Y.D

Brevner - Somebody Like Me ft. Brandon Gregora

Evil Ebenzer - Rider

Addyie x A.J City - Wake Up

Joseph Rose - Hard Copy

Zac Flewids - Lemme Work 

SMC x Dkay - 604 Options  

Terell Safadi - Like You Mean It  

Bdice - Mark III  

 FRESH OUT: This Weeks Brand New Videos  All new videos will be featured in the Fresh Out section for their first week. 

Fresh Out: Bdice - Different Planet

Fresh Out: Zac Flewids - Bring Me Back

Fresh Out: Porter - The Come Up

Fresh Out: King Diamond Tut - Da Cou

Fresh Out: Prada West - Homicide ft. Rasta Mike

Fresh Out: GoldenB - Ocean Waves

Fresh Out: Ernie Woodlo - Zapper

Fresh Out: Beezy Waldo - 93' Recipe

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